Meaning of overcomplicate in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvəˈkɒmplɪkeɪt/


[with object]
  • Make (something) more complicated than necessary.

    ‘the basic idea is quite simple but some people tend to overcomplicate it’
    • ‘an overcomplicated tax system’
    • ‘Always keep your design simple, never over-complicate the process.’
    • ‘Defences were certainly on top during an uneventful opening 45 minutes in which Rovers were often guilty of trying to over-complicate things going forward.’
    • ‘The result, I think, is to overcomplicate breastfeeding.’
    • ‘However, for the individual investor detailed calculations based upon what might happen to each particular drug is overcomplicating the issue.’
    • ‘Agresti remains true to his diminutive hero, never breaking off from his point of view in an attempt to over-complicate the drama.’
    • ‘Beware, this weekend, a tendency to overcomplicate a simple situation.’
    • ‘My friend Ryan, for instance, has a penchant for overcomplicating everything, his own sentences included.’
    • ‘Certainly Salmond did not allow the launch on Friday to be over-complicated by the issue of hard cash.’
    • ‘Normally we would advise you not to over complicate things by using too many different materials.’
    • ‘The multipurpose design requirement threatened to overcomplicate instruments for the technicians who use them in the field.’
    • ‘It reminded me of Get Shorty in which celebrities have a strange compulsion to overcomplicate food orders.’
    • ‘Even getting a ticket for the match is over complicated these days.’
    • ‘The truth about most physical actions, in my opinion, is that we greatly over complicate them.’
    • ‘Avoid purple prose, that is over complicated or unnatural or archaic language.’
    • ‘We overcomplicate it by trying to find the quicker, easier solution.’
    • ‘The Government is committed to aquaculture law reform because the current legislative framework is outdated, overcomplicated, and dysfunctional.’
    • ‘The only thing that prevented England going on from this score was their tendency to overcomplicate matters in the danger areas.’
    • ‘Obviously, attacking off first phase ball is best but we over complicated things at times.’
    • ‘The rearguard still looked unshakeable but going forward City too often over complicated matters.’
    • ‘The Newry team put in a lot more effort and liked to over complicate things when going forward.’