Meaning of overconsumption in English:



mass noun
  • The action or fact of consuming something to excess.

    ‘the overconsumption of alcohol’
    ‘the environmental cost of overconsumption’
    • ‘The hard times we are experiencing today, due to the misalignment of over-consumption financed by debt, are severe.’
    • ‘Bow Street magistrates court opened for business in about 1740, often for trials connected to the over-consumption of gin in Covent Garden.’
    • ‘The end of abundant, cheap oil means the end of our culture of overconsumption.’
    • ‘His subsequent book, Collapse, explores how numerous societies have been destroyed by their over-consumption of resources.’
    • ‘The drive to accumulate can be used to better human existence, not just selfishly, for conspicuous over consumption, self-indulgence or exhibitionism.’
    • ‘By shifting taxation from employment to environmental destruction, governments could tax over-consumption out of existence.’
    • ‘I have been driven into a state of twitching frenzy by the overconsumption of crisps.’
    • ‘Justice is a fundamental part of Christianity, yet our overconsumption is inherently unjust.’
    • ‘First, sleep deprivation lowers levels of the hormone leptin, an absence of which can trigger the overconsumption of carbohydrates.’
    • ‘With the Christmas festivities only weeks away he gave a reminder of the dangers of over-consumption of alcohol.’
    • ‘Tullow Gardai reported a number of public order offences in the town over the festive season all relating to over-consumption of alcohol.’
    • ‘However, the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission says serving discounted alcohol leads to over-consumption, particularly among young people.’
    • ‘The first ad features a giant talking pig the size of America wallowing in overconsumption.’
    • ‘The problem we are facing here is general overconsumption during a false prosperity period.’
    • ‘It attracted controversy for using the sound of breaking wind in an advert which parodied over-consumption.’
    • ‘Now an unusual group has launched a campaign to protest overconsumption in this country.’
    • ‘Psychologists have an important role to play in making these changes toward ending overconsumption.’
    • ‘Ultimately we cannot protect the environment without addressing the ever-increasing onslaught of advertising that causes overconsumption.’
    • ‘We certainly expect this situation to only worsen, with the current refinancing boom perpetuating the over consumption of imports.’
    • ‘The other fundamental cause of the obesity epidemic is the over-consumption of high-fat, energy dense diets.’
    VIP, important person, notable, notability, personage, dignitary, grandee
    greed, greediness, overeating, overconsumption, binge eating, gourmandism, gourmandizing, gluttonousness, voraciousness, voracity, wolfishness, insatiability