Meaning of overdog in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəʊvədɒɡ/


  • A person who is successful or dominant in their field.

    • ‘Ventura was also a genuine underdog with an outsider's passion for political reform, while Arnold is the ultimate overdog.’
    • ‘We could build on this forgiving little ceremony with something that panders not just to Utah but overdogs everywhere: The March of Defeated Nations.’
    • ‘The next is Apple's perpetual role as scrappy underdog - reporters love cheerleading for the underdog without ever pausing to explore why it isn't the overdog.’
    • ‘Intel may be the overdog, but does this make AMD the underdog?’
    • ‘When your movement becomes the overdog, such people are boorish and obnoxious.’
    • ‘It happens, but my point is that let's not dismiss the overdogs just because they haven't played a game in two weeks.’
    • ‘There is nothing easier than cheering for the overdog.’
    • ‘How was he going to fit with Frank, putative scourge of the overdog and the equestrian class?’