Meaning of overeat in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvərˈiːt/

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verboverate/əʊvərˈɛt/ , overeaten

[no object]
  • Eat too much.

    ‘if your friends overeat, you're more likely to overeat too’
    • ‘Overweight people often have low self-esteem, easily adopt the role of a failure and even punish themselves by overeating again.’
    • ‘Seriously restricting food intake, or overeating and then purging, causes levels of vital nutrients in the body to plummet.’
    • ‘She then found herself afflicted by a syndrome that has affected many of her peers - a round of dieting and overeating.’
    • ‘A denied craving can quickly spiral out of control, leading to bingeing or overeating.’
    • ‘Overeaters Anonymous differentiates normal eating from overeating, and encourages abstinence from overeating.’
    • ‘When the study stopped, they started overeating.’
    • ‘And parental absence also means that lots of kids sit at home or in an after-hours care program overeating.’
    • ‘To relieve the suffering of indigestion caused by overeating, take three to four hawthorns or drink a cup of hawthorn tea to ease the discomfort.’
    • ‘A bowl of healthy soup gives you the biggest value for your caloric buck and keeps you from overeating during your main course.’
    • ‘Avoid overeating and drinking alcohol on the flight.’
    • ‘The team also drew a few guffaws locally when their coach, a Quebecois named Yves Boily, told the media his team was overeating.’
    • ‘That was the only night I really felt close to overeating, partly because of the champagne and wine we drank.’
    • ‘Such research does not tell us anything important about overeating that we didn't already know.’
    • ‘Many other factors conspired to make overeating acceptable and increase people's waistlines.’
    • ‘Moreover, foods rich in fat are delicious and easily lead to overeating.’
    • ‘Scientists who turned their attention to nutrition in the nineteenth century began to argue against overeating.’
    • ‘Notably, heavy alcohol use, overeating, and excessive smoking may also play a part.’
    • ‘In fact, the principal eating disorder in the United Kingdom today is overeating.’
    • ‘A meal in the morning boosts your energy and brainpower, say experts, and can ward off mood swings and overeating later in the day.’
    • ‘The sense of danger which occurs when you do not overeat feels greater than the suffering you experience because you are overeating.’
    eat too much, be greedy, eat like a horse, gorge, gorge oneself, overindulge, overindulge oneself, surfeit, guzzle, feast
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