Meaning of overeducated in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvərˈɛdjəkeɪtɪd/


  • Having been educated to a higher academic level than is necessary.

    ‘an overeducated music snob’
    • ‘First, the uproar seems confined to over-educated liberals alone.’
    • ‘The bad parents come from the over-educated middle classes with access to the internet.’
    • ‘BBC World always seems to have over-educated experts explaining, with beautiful elocution, something utterly insane.’
    • ‘With its over-educated, overworked, underpaid legions, publishing is an industry bedevilled by pessimism.’
    • ‘It confuses me, being the over-educated waif stuck in a world of immorality, no clear route out.’
    • ‘It was only over-educated women like Ruby who might have wanted to go back to work.’
    • ‘The city is corrupting and the universities are kindergartens for overeducated fools.’
    • ‘Without intending to he made a face which clearly let me know his opinion of smug, elitist and over-educated eggheads like myself.’
    • ‘But I don't like science enough to be an underpaid, overeducated slave for the rest of my life, sorry.’
    • ‘I spent some time as an over educated ski bum and I traveled a lot before I settled down.’
    • ‘And yet, it is leading the EU down a primrose path because the over-educated european elites can't understand how America works.’
    • ‘Both exemplify the autodidactic combination of total conviction, terrifying erudition and occasional utter idiocy that so fascinates me, despite being decidedly over-educated.’
    • ‘And, occasionally, overeducated and sleep-deprived medical students manage to do it.’
    • ‘They are too clever to be fooled by this, unlike all those overeducated scientists who waste their time arduously deducing the amazing timelines of evolution.’
    • ‘Are we really expected to be these over-educated, fickle job hoppers?’
    • ‘His stories have a timeless affect that sets his work apart from run-of-the-mill space operas and the scientifically accurate but often soulless writing of overeducated intellectuals.’
    • ‘At the helm of this dysfunctional clan is Bernard, played by Jeff Daniels, who is disturbingly effective as the over-educated, passive-aggressive father.’
    • ‘Imagine overeducated music snobs debating the nuances of piano noodlings that he cranked out in one take!’
    • ‘Not that I thought this point was so subtle you had to be an overeducated theoretical physicist to figure it out or anything.’
    • ‘Here, reactions from players can occur based on their suspicion of an over-educated conductor, as opposed to a practical musician.’