Meaning of overgeneralize in English:


(British overgeneralise)


[with object]
  • Draw a conclusion or make a statement about (something) that is more general than is justified.

    ‘children overgeneralize simple rules’
    • ‘University of Washington psychologist Jonathon Brown found that those lacking self-esteem overgeneralize their failures to conclude that they are just plain less intelligent and less competent than others.’
    • ‘Has the field of family therapy overgeneralized Bateson's theory by using it to explain all manner of human interactions beyond reciprocal aggression?’
    • ‘When the emotional stakes are high, people should in principle be especially careful not to overinterpret or overgeneralize their findings, but in practice, the opposite is often true.’
    • ‘With this built-in predisposition, we tend to overgeneralize facial impressions to adults whose faces, in this case, merely resemble a baby's in certain features.’
    • ‘The aforementioned objections reflect a broader tendency to exaggerate and overgeneralize the available scientific evidence.’
    • ‘A psychic claimant, even a fully honest one, might want to demand such a statement because scientists sometimes overgeneralize or overstate the implications of their results.’
    • ‘It naturally overgeneralizes to some extent, but I found it to be an incisive and amusing read.’
    • ‘Also, they tend to overgeneralise from their experience of spending a few weekend hours clearing brush or canning strawberries to what it was actually like to spend your whole life working on a farm.’
    • ‘It generalizes - and at times overgeneralizes - about all media's content, and perhaps about all of society's, too.’
    • ‘The cliche trap picks up some characteristics of either theology or science, or both of them, and overgeneralizes and overstates these.’
    • ‘True, some authors engage in a self-aggrandizing rush to overgeneralize specific rare cases, but assembling enough of these may well lead to new insights.’
    • ‘While it's as difficult to overgeneralize about punk rockers as it is about any collective group, there are common traits.’
    • ‘We were careful not to overgeneralize from this single sample of women, but our results do have some implications for care.’
    • ‘London-based writers tended to overgeneralise from their experience.’