Meaning of overhype in English:


Pronunciation /ˌəʊvəˈhʌɪp/


[with object]
  • Make exaggerated claims about (a product, idea, or event); publicize or promote excessively.

    ‘the film was overhyped by the press’
    • ‘The idea was heavily overhyped by the anti-PC crowd but it's not clear that real sales ever got out of double figures.’
    • ‘When so many overhyped events fail to deliver, this should be a welcome refresher course on how to have a good time.’
    • ‘We all know that New Year's 2000 was one of the most overhyped events of our lifetimes.’
    • ‘That's why the first round, in my mind, has become the most overrated, overhyped aspect of an overrated, overhyped event.’
    • ‘In short, e-learning has quickly gone from being an interesting and sometimes overhyped concept to being a practical, powerful business tool.’
    • ‘Last, but not least, is the prospect of computer warfare, the actual risk of which is not fully understood, leading some observers to claim it has been overhyped.’
    • ‘Despite being excessively overhyped, the new Tiger Woods authorized DVD collection is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.’
    • ‘Sadly, the film is being ludicrously overhyped, and thus many may end up feeling a bit let down upon actually seeing it.’
    • ‘True, telecommuting has been overhyped for years.’
    • ‘As a former (evidently short-lived) vegetarian, I find vegetarianism to be overhyped and often misrepresented.’
    • ‘How do you react to those who say that it was overhyped?’
    • ‘It's one of the few things in sport that is not overhyped.’
    • ‘But ABN stops short of admitting it completely overhyped the price.’
    • ‘Green offers three reasons why he thinks cyberterrorism has been overhyped.’
    • ‘In recent memory, two prize winners have been overhyped and that does not impress the world.’
    • ‘Intel has been seriously overhyping WiMax for a couple of years now.’
    • ‘I think the rush towards outsourcing is overhyped.’
    • ‘So is the fixed/wireless network an inevitable leap forward or destined to become another overhyped technological promise?’
    • ‘There are some elements of ‘social software’ that are clearly overhyped.’
    • ‘There have been a bunch of completely overhyped stories lately about various mobile phone viruses that weren't really viruses at all.’


mass noun
  • Excessive publicity or promotion.

    ‘the hard sell and the overhype make the discerning fan suspicious’
    • ‘Worried about speculation and new-club overhype, the owners kept the very existence of the bar a secret until only two weeks before opening last August.’
    • ‘To avoid the unnecessary overhype, I probably would change the headline to ‘may change your world’.’
    • ‘Their biggest fear now are the sharks of overhype.’
    • ‘But even as the winners seemed to compete for the crowns of dumb and dumber, the barrage of overhype left everyone numb and number.’
    • ‘There's been a lot of overhype and wild exuberance about multibillion-dollar markets waiting to be taken, but this is the real deal here at Kodak.’