Meaning of overpass in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəʊvəpɑːs/

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  • A bridge by which a road or railway line passes over another.

    ‘It also involves dismounting to clear bridges, under bridges, overpasses, signs, culverts and guard rails.’
    • ‘He said registration officials would have a hard time registering eligible voters living in slums or under bridges and overpasses.’
    • ‘This involves what's called surface infrastructure, and so you're talking about bridges, roads, overpasses, possibly the reconstruction or refurbishment of ports and so forth.’
    • ‘As part of their August crackdown on drugs, police set up a roadside checkpoint under the overpass on Pratamnak Road on August 12.’
    • ‘The plan would replace two overpasses - for the railway and the expressway - with tunnels at the foot of these streets, making access to the lake even uglier and more forbidding than it already is.’
    • ‘As the driver lost control of the bus and it slid toward a railway overpass, he yelled, ‘Hold on!’’
    • ‘Osier and Mrs. Thomassen found my sister shivering in a pile of leaves under a railway overpass on the east side of downtown.’
    • ‘Remember bridges and overpasses freeze up before and remain frozen longer than other road surfaces.’
    • ‘Typically, the enemy chooses to stage attacks from areas which have access roads, buildings, overpasses or thick brush along MSRs and auxiliary supply routes.’
    • ‘‘Up there, under the overpass and cross the road,’ she said.’
    • ‘It was pulled off beside the road under an overpass.’
    • ‘Seven cars filled with oats and one empty car derailed near an overpass on Sangamon Avenue, Springfield police and the Union Pacific Railroad said.’
    • ‘The current structure encompasses a pedestrian walkway, rail line and a vehicle overpass.’
    • ‘Additionally, prior knowledge of the route will allow soldiers to anticipate actions that will be required at choke points, bridges, overpasses, and intersections.’
    • ‘The piers of roadway overpasses and underpasses tend to have solid cross sections.’
    • ‘One revealed that hundreds of bridges and overpasses required urgent upgrade, or were described as ‘life expired’.’
    • ‘To make things worse, the city administration has blamed annual flooding and the worsening condition of overpasses and bridges on squatters.’
    • ‘Motorcyclists congregated under overpasses, bridges and bus stops, taking up much of the road as they waited for the rain to ease.’
    • ‘Leave your vehicle immediately and seek shelter, but not under overpasses and bridges.’
    • ‘Overhead, a helicopter hovers at such a low height that it only just clears the occasional overpass bridges that appear.’
    viaduct, aqueduct, overpass


[with object]rare
  • Surpass.

    ‘did not its sublimity overpass a little the bounds of the ridiculous?’
    • ‘Sometimes we overpassed, we overdid things, but our hard work paid off later.’
    • ‘Wherefore also he used to overpass by a very great deal the lines marked out, in every way springing higher than the very heaven.’
    • ‘Today I returned and overpassed my normal training loads.’
    • ‘I just polished off a can of pineapple juice and was thinking of how it overpassed my love of apple juice.’