Meaning of overprecise in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvəprəˈsʌɪs/


  • Excessively accurate and careful about minor details.

    ‘overprecise estimates’
    • ‘However, this analysis is per vein and thus includes patients more than once, so that the results are overprecise.’
    • ‘The church of S. Lorenzo held for him the authority of an example and it did not occur to him to ask overprecise questions about when it was built.’
    • ‘He blames Cornaro, the hygienist who advocated a specific regime of diet and lifestyle, for requirements such as special clothing or overprecise ordering of diet.’
    • ‘The construction too is rendered rather basic and pure, with deceptively simple detailing that could even be called overprecise.’
    • ‘An everyday example of overprecise measurement can be seen at the gas station.’
    • ‘An overprecise or artificially rigid classification of qualifying circumstances is not what is called for under the Act.’
    • ‘MacDonald later contended that some of his images had been overprecise, and considered a revised edition to tone them down.’
    • ‘They speak in an overprecise way with much pedantic insistence on letters not generally sounded, especially Hs.’
    • ‘Winnicott may well have intended to leave this concept without an overprecise definition.’
    • ‘A design should be reasonably simple as over-crowded features or overprecise arrangement of objects may lose spontaneity and dilute focus.’
    critical, censorious, carping, captious, cavilling, quibbling, niggling