Meaning of overprice in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvəˈprʌɪs/

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[with object]
  • Charge too high a price for.

    ‘the promoter made the mistake of overpricing the tickets’
    • ‘See, the internet cafe is totally overpriced and charges two bucks for a medium coffee.’
    • ‘Now, a competent, perceptive drinker will immediately remark that hotel bars are overpriced.’
    • ‘This shows two things - new builds are outrageously overpriced and the housing bubble burst some time ago.’
    • ‘There are second hand shops in Manhattan but they tend to be either overpriced or hard to find.’
    • ‘I have little enthusiasm for soft drinks at the best of times; much less when they're shamelessly overpriced.’
    • ‘The drinks are overpriced, and the post-work crowd is so upper-middle-class it hurts.’
    • ‘Ann ignored the baguettes and sugary cakes, and selected a mince pie which she felt was overpriced at 99p.’
    • ‘Despite being a tad overpriced it is a lovely little apartment.’
    • ‘It offers the best pub style meals in Oxford and proudly sits atop the comfort food throne despite being slightly overpriced.’
    • ‘Mind you, unlike many artists of such renown, his paintings are far from being overpriced.’
    • ‘Sometimes, the house is overpriced, or there are factors like being on a busy road, that we can't change.’
    • ‘Property in the capital is still overpriced, especially at the top end.’
    • ‘Tim pointed out that the wine list was titanically overpriced and deeply unimaginative.’
    • ‘Many attractions are overpriced, poorly staffed and often shut on the day you visit.’
    • ‘You will get pulled up in a train which ends underground at a cafe serving overpriced junk food.’
    • ‘Some people love them, others think they are overpriced and worn by fashion victims and posers.’
    • ‘Free downloads are payback for years of record companies and record shops overpricing their product and becoming complacent that people will forever consume it in the same manner.’
    • ‘‘There is an allegation here that market-makers are overpricing second hand endowments.’’
    • ‘They even managed to Google themselves - twice in fact; first, by overpricing the shares; then, through panicky underpricing.’
    • ‘Ever wonder how Plateau friperies get away with massively overpricing their retro gear?’