Meaning of overseas experience in English:

overseas experience


New Zealand
  • A young New Zealander's first overseas trip, typically to Europe, viewed as an informal rite of passage.

    ‘long overseas experiences were popular with those who could afford them’
    • ‘Getting the magic "overseas experience" isn't enough.’
    • ‘The couple had returned to New Zealand six months ago to settle down after their overseas experience.’
    • ‘He didn't much enjoy school and wanted to have what we Kiwis call his overseas experience.’
    • ‘Young people often have their overseas experience for a couple of years and a lot head off to the UK.’
    • ‘" Mum and dad were often sparring and dad was threatening to walk out and drown his sorrows at the pub, a consequence of his overseas experience.’
    • ‘The overseas experience takes students away and undermines communities.’
    • ‘When our children and our grandchildren travel around the world for their overseas experience from now on, that will be acknowledged as a realistic fact and risk associated with their travel.’
    • ‘Auckland was like my overseas experience, being away for two years and coming home and being more settled.’
    • ‘The reasons are legion: youthful wanderlust, overseas experience, career opportunities, dual citizenship.’
    • ‘I come from a nation of voyagers, of teenagers heading off on their Big Overseas Experience, of ex-pats and re-locators and adventurers.’