Meaning of overshare in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvəˈʃɛː/

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  • Reveal an inappropriate amount of detail about one's personal life.

    ‘he continues to overshare about his relationship with his wife’
    • ‘I do sincerely hope everyone reading this concurs, or I may have overshared.’
    • ‘The letters are by turns hilarious and tragic, highly inappropriate and oversharing.’
    • ‘And that lowered expectation of privacy is not just a function of the information oversharing common on social networking sites.’
    • ‘Most obviously, it leads to a great deal of oversharing: all of those photographs that seemed like a fun idea at the time are only the beginning of it.’
    • ‘Knowing that the worst of my online oversharing is still publicly accessible doesn't thrill me, but it doesn't scare me anymore either.’
    • ‘I know I could be oversharing here again, but, you know, it's always better to get these things out up front.’
    • ‘It's been fairly well documented (I'm a blogger, I've been doing it for 11 years, oversharing is in my nature) that I've lost a sizeable amount of weight this year.’
    • ‘I can give my site a bit more of my tender love if I am still passionate about the web and my shameless oversharing on this blog, but there are more interesting to do in my life every weekend or after work.’
    • ‘Today, I'm thinking maybe I'm a New Yorker: I like black and whites (cookies) and onion bagels, and short attention spans and oversharing.’
    • ‘She is not exactly guilty of oversharing though maybe she deserves points for that, too.’
    • ‘It's meant to highlight privacy issues in our culture of oversharing or whatever, but I'm slightly more concerned about the lengthy gaps between the days he wore deodorant.’
    • ‘When I wrote about it before, many of the comments said how it's somehow inappropriate or oversharing to talk about infertility or the trials people go through to start a family.’
    • ‘"I do think that there are intimacy and privacy issues with any memoir or personal essay or blog post, and I know that people can accuse me of oversharing," she admits.’
    • ‘Internet dating offers an interesting case study of these technological risks, for it encourages both transparency and oversharing, as well as another danger: it insists that we reduce and market ourselves as the disembodied sum of our parts.’


  • An act of revealing an inappropriate amount of detail about one's personal life.

    ‘some things I'm saying on this record feel a bit like an overshare’
    • ‘we live in an age of perpetual overshare in which talking about your innermost feelings is totally acceptable’