Meaning of overzealous in English:


Pronunciation /əʊvəˈzɛləs/

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  • Too zealous in one's attitude or behaviour.

    ‘he's been overzealous in handing out parking tickets’
    • ‘Nor is it a charge made possible by the Patriot Act, a simple overzealous attempt to keep America safe.’
    • ‘Shoppers are driven away by overzealous parking attendants, ever increasing charges for parking, no improvement in shopping facilities.’
    • ‘It's brilliant to see people reacting with this gentle, exasperated humour rather than resorting to hateful tirades and overzealous flag flying.’
    • ‘The phrase ‘close to city centre’ is an elastic term which is being stretched to its limits by some overzealous selling agents.’
    • ‘Police cars, buses and disabled drivers have all been victims of overzealous parking wardens since the Parkwise scheme was introduced.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the anti-spyware could just be overzealous.’
    • ‘I feel it is very important to warn drivers there are overzealous private clamping companies operating on private roads in the area.’
    • ‘The overzealous weekend soldiers prevented many of the veterans from getting to the car park next to their meeting room.’
    • ‘Advertisers had argued that to ban the advertisements would be overzealous political correctness.’
    • ‘He was ecstatic at the thought, but could never show it; he didn't want to scare her off with any overzealous behavior.’
    • ‘The story creates the impression that this was a serious violation of privacy rights by overzealous government officials.’
    • ‘Where will prosecutors and overzealous puritans draw the line?’
    • ‘This was just a bad move by some overzealous security guards.’
    • ‘Was it the first bright idea of some overzealous publicist?’
    • ‘Are you driven into a frustrated frenzy because of the overzealous comb-over dad who just cut into the line you've been waiting in for half an hour?’
    • ‘Some unionists especially at lower ranks are overzealous and keen to score points among members by wrongly advising the rank and file to go on strike.’
    • ‘Parents cheered as their boys chased down fly balls and hurled them home, where overzealous runners were tagged out.’
    • ‘But some readings of Marx's materialism have been somewhat overzealous.’
    • ‘Now, it may turn out that this is not a case of overzealous prosecution.’
    • ‘If it were not for overzealous councillors, the country would not be worried about the eyesores that pass for townships.’
    extreme, fanatical, overzealous, over-enthusiastic, extremist, violent, maniacal, wild, passionate, fervent, diehard, uncompromising