Meaning of oviraptor in English:


Pronunciation /ˌəʊvɪˈraptə/


  • A bipedal dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period, having a toothless jaw and long forelimbs with clawed fingers.

    Genus Oviraptor, family Oviraptoridae, suborder Theropoda

    ‘Some of the most well-preserved specimens of dinosaurs ever found are oviraptors.’
    • ‘The find shows that a group of dinosaurs called oviraptors roamed much farther south than previously thought, they add.’
    • ‘The Incisivosaurus specimen clears up where oviraptors fit into the dinosaur hierarchy, says Currie.’
    • ‘A shocking recent study found an oviraptor embryo inside one of those eggs, so actually the oviraptor was by its own nest!’
    • ‘This is a fossil that consists of only the pelvic region of an oviraptor, which also happens to have a pair of large eggs nestled inside it.’


1920s from ovi- (from Latin ovum ‘egg’) + raptor, the original supposition being that it fed on the eggs of other dinosaurs.