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Pronunciation /ˈəʊnəʃɪp/

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  • The act, state, or right of possessing something.

    ‘the ownership of land’
    • ‘the rise in car ownership’
    • ‘The ownership of the freehold land at both Baydon Farm and Park Farm is complex.’
    • ‘The ownership of land, as opposed to personal property, is subject to particular rules.’
    • ‘Planning is concerned with the use of and operations on land, not its ownership.’
    • ‘Erratic though its incidence is, the liability is a tax upon the ownership of land.’
    • ‘Car ownership is rising and will not be reversed, either in the UK or further afield.’
    • ‘Mere use without possession is not sufficient, nor is ownership without possession.’
    • ‘In fact there may be specific controls on the foreign ownership of banks.’
    • ‘It remained in his ownership until his death, and then passed to a foundation.’
    • ‘The ownership of the animals specified in the charges was transferred to the respondents.’
    • ‘The ownership of the vehicle was not transferred to them until they accepted the agreement.’
    • ‘It was also clear to me that neither could readily grasp the concept of a nominee ownership.’
    • ‘Property relations should be reformed to give greater security to the ownership of land.’
    • ‘Only a few months ago, he was questioning the ownership of the land and trying to stall the plans.’
    • ‘Full ownership of the car is yours from day one, with the proviso that you keep up repayments.’
    • ‘Now the ownership of the land is in limbo, with no one willing to take responsibility for the tip.’
    • ‘Whenever press ownerships have been allowed into commercial television ownership, the situation has been favourable to the emergence of media moguls.’
    • ‘It was to provide metropolitan Green Belt land through direct ownership and control.’
    • ‘In certain cases the true ownership of a cheque may be determined only by reference to agency principles.’
    • ‘The second was a campaign to develop local industry in the ownership of the collectives.’
    • ‘In an economy based on agriculture, the ownership of land is the key to survival and power.’
    possession, right of possession, holding, freehold, proprietorship, proprietary rights, title
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