Main meanings of pa in English

: pa1Pa2PA3


Pronunciation /pɑː/

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  • Father.

    • ‘Pa is busy on the telephone’
    • ‘Most girls around town were married by sixteen, just as soon as they finished their schooling, or earlier if they or their pas thought it necessary.’
    • ‘We were almost finished laying the irrigation for the "garden," as my Pa called it - it was actually 2 acres.’
    • ‘Pa was 45 when I was born so I didn't really realize it but he was more like a grandfather than a dad to me.’
    male parent


Late 18th century abbreviation of papa.

Main meanings of Pa in English

: pa1Pa2PA3


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  • Pascal(s).

  • The chemical element protactinium.

Main meanings of PA in English

: pa1Pa2PA3


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  • 1Panama (international vehicle registration).

  • 2Pennsylvania (in official postal use).

  • 3British Personal assistant.

    second in command, second, number two, subordinate, junior, auxiliary, adjutant, lieutenant, subaltern, assistant, personal assistant, PA, aide, helper, right-hand man, henchman, underling
  • 4Press Association.

  • 5Public address.