Meaning of paan in English:


Pronunciation /pɑːn/


(also pan)
mass nounIndian
  • Betel leaves prepared and used as a stimulant.

    ‘a man sold paan outside the house’
    • ‘he always rolled his own paans’
    • ‘The culture of eating paan or betel leaf is believed to exist in India since the 3rd century A.D. Boxes for storing these were made of different materials and in various shapes and sizes.’
    • ‘It was observed that the street children start with chewing paan and gradually change to tobacco to solution to ganja to alcohol.’
    • ‘It has also helped that America's adventurous new palate for spices has made Indian food the flavor of the moment and the mainstream media is replete with articles about everything from paan to idli steamers.’
    • ‘The delicacy of paan is enjoyed all over the Indian subcontinent including Bangladesh.’
    • ‘A section on tobacco risks includes links on the connection between chewing Gutkha or paan and developing mouth cancer.’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit parṇa ‘feather, leaf’.