Meaning of pabulum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpabjʊləm/


(also pablum)
mass noun literary
  • Bland or insipid intellectual matter, entertainment, etc.

    ‘I think what documentary filmmakers do is make an attempt - and non-fiction writing does this as well - to actually provide some understanding of the world, not just information and not just pabulum, but understanding.’
    • ‘The album continues in that vein, reminding listeners that aggressive, well-produced rock doesn't have to sound like Top 40 pabulum.’
    • ‘It's telling the truth instead of political pabulum.’
    • ‘In return, we can do a better job of sorting out the human from the heroic, history from mythology, patriotic pabulum from more satiating analysis, even - dare we try?’
    • ‘Facts are the pabulum of a scientific investigation.’
    food, food and drink, fare, cooking, cuisine, sustenance, nutriment, nourishment, nutrition


Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘food’): from Latin, from the stem of pascere ‘to feed’.