Meaning of pachysandra in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpakɪˈsandrə/


  • An evergreen creeping shrubby plant of the box family.

    Genus Pachysandra, family Buxaceae: several species, in particular the Japanese P. terminalis

    ‘Serious ground covers like Vinca, pachysandra or ivy are too aggressive to make good companions.’
    • ‘We must do something about the potato vine tangled in the pachysandra.’
    • ‘At the base of a tree, for example, you might have better luck with wood chips or shade-loving ornamental plants like ivy, periwinkle, or pachysandra.’
    • ‘If you did have shade in the garden, you certainly did not extol it, you just quietly covered the area with ivy or pachysandra.’


Formed irregularly from Greek pakhus ‘thick’ + anēr, andr- ‘male’ (with reference to the thick stamens).