Meaning of Pacific Islander in English:

Pacific Islander


  • A native or inhabitant of the Pacific Islands, especially an indigenous person of Polynesia, Melanesia, or Micronesia, or a person of Pacific Islands descent.

    ‘Ancient Pacific Islanders had surprisingly accurate maps made out of palm fronds, with shells marking positions of islands.’
    • ‘The project's long-term objective is to give Pacific Islanders - who are facing climate-related issues such as drought and fish poisoning - a way to sustainably grow crops using minimal water and no pesticides.’
    • ‘Tongans and Samoans are now the largest segment of Utah's Polynesian community, accounting for more than two-thirds of the Pacific Islander population.’
    • ‘Carson has a high Pacific Islander population.’
    • ‘He is currently the highest ranking native Pacific Islander serving in the U.S. government.’
    • ‘Nokise is the first Pacific Islander to work fulltime on the United Kingdom stand-up comedy circuit.’
    • ‘I currently teach classes with white, Hispanic, Asian, and Pacific Islander students.’
    • ‘Those who came across the world could see just how vulnerable atolls are to sea-level rise, and could get a sense of the great cultural and linguistic diversity of Pacific islanders.’
    • ‘So where should a Pacific Islander go for fresh caught fish without an ocean near by?’
    • ‘NCAPA is the nation's leading coalition of national advocacy organizations serving Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities.’