Meaning of Pacific time in English:

Pacific time



mass noun
  • The standard time in a zone including the Pacific coastal region of Canada and the US.

    Compare with Mountain time

    ('Pacific Standard Time', abbreviation 'PST') standard time based on the mean solar time at longitude 120° W, eight hours behind GMT.
    ('Pacific Daylight Time', abbreviation 'PDT') Pacific time during daylight saving, seven hours behind GMT.

    ‘Sydney is 15 hours ahead of America's Eastern time zone, the major metropolitan areas of New York, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, and 18 hours ahead of the Pacific time zone, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.’
    • ‘Rodgers & Hammerstein's ‘Cinderella’ (with the lovely Julie Andrews) was created for television and broadcast live in color except in the Pacific time zone where they got the black and white kinescope recording instead.’
    • ‘The best views come between about 8 P.M. and 9 P.M. on the 17th in the Pacific time zone, and between about 1 A.M. and 2 A.M. on the 18th in the Eastern time zone.’
    • ‘Orders filled the next working day usually, but in this case, an attempt will be made to ship within hours of the order being received, if earlier enough in the day Pacific time.’
    • ‘At first, the networks used videotaping largely for time-shifting, to telecast programs later in the Mountain and Pacific time zones.’
    • ‘The second rover - Opportunity - rolled off her lander and onto the dark red, Martian soil at Meridiani Planum early Saturday morning, at about 1: 50 a.m., Pacific Standard Time, just one week after arriving at the Red Planet.’
    • ‘The Challenge ends at 12: 01 am Pacific time on Thursday, April 29.’
    • ‘While the official touchdown time has been posted as 8: 35 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, the spacecraft will actually touch down at 8: 25 p.m., but it takes 10 minutes for the signal to get from Mars to Earth.’
    • ‘This event, which is something of a ritual and basically involves the team playing music to initiate the rover's post-landing operations, took place at about 2: 36 p.m. Pacific Standard Time this afternoon.’
    • ‘Blast-off is scheduled for 11: 36 pm Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, February 25th, 7: 36 Greenwich Mean Time, Thursday, February 26.’
    • ‘Spirit meanwhile spent its first full day on Mars yesterday, after bouncing to a stop at 8: 35 p.m. Pacific Standard Time last Saturday night.’
    • ‘Spirit arrived at Mars around 8: 35 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, on January 3, 2004 after a seven-month journey.’
    • ‘The statement said the minute of meditation was scheduled for 1.30 pm Pacific Standard Time which is 2130 GMT.’
    • ‘The Air France plane took off from Lockheed Air Terminal at 7: 16 am, Sunday 7 July 1957, Pacific Daylight Time, and landed at Orly Field at 8: 27 am Paris time on 8 July.’
    • ‘The eclipse begins at 4: 57 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, and totality begins at 6: 02 A.M. PDT.’
    • ‘And because Arizona doesn't use Daylight Time, we'll actually be on Pacific time as soon as we get to Arizona even though we'll still technically be in the Mountain zone.’
    • ‘Nominations close on Sunday at 7pm Pacific Standard Time, whatever that is in GMT.’
    • ‘More than 3,000 photographic images are needed for the construction of the mural and entries will be considered until August 31, 2004, 5 P.M., Pacific time.’
    • ‘All applications must be submitted by 5: 00 PM Pacific time, Friday, March 12, 2004.’
    • ‘Just before 10: 00 o'clock Pacific time, the Rocha family showed up on Covina Street, at the Peterson home, along with some friends.’