Meaning of pack a punch in English:

pack a punch


  • 1Be capable of hitting with skill or force.

    ‘Rosie, although small, could pack a hefty punch’
    • ‘It was small, light weight, 5.7mm, not quite an assault rifle but it packed a punch.’
    • ‘Hurricane Emily still packs a punch and increases fears about floods in northeast Mexico hours after making landfall.’
    • ‘The engine packs a punch, with a retrofit Brabus SB2 power upgrade kit, bumping the power output to 111 bhp.’
    • ‘Vin packs a punch and I had to take it pretty slow — I couldn't just knock him back.’
    • ‘After all, the Coca-Cola kid is lean, mean — and packs a punch to rival most major countries.’
    • ‘But Tarver, even though he packs a punch, was wary of trading with Jones.’
    • ‘He packs a punch for a small guy.’
    • ‘The player has good range, covers a lot of ground, and packs a punch with his heavy hits.’
    • ‘The nickname is because he can pack a punch.’
    • ‘He stands well under 1.80 metres but certainly packs a punch.’
    1. 1.1Have a powerful effect.
      ‘the Spanish wine packed quite a punch’
      • ‘The show itself also packs a punch, complete with a seven-piece band, special guest guitarist David Lee Murphy, a nine-metre high video screen and state-of-the-art lighting and sound.’
      • ‘Whether you're a DVD anorak or not, when you pop a new disc into your DVD player and press ‘Play’ on the remote control, there's no denying that you're looking for a menu screen that packs a punch.’
      • ‘This is lighter than most dark beers, almost a deep rouge, but it still packs a punch with its Christmas pudding drenched in sherry aroma (like your Gran use to do).’
      • ‘Anyone up for re-election knows the issue packs a punch.’
      • ‘If language packs a punch, then David Foster Wallace's collection of short stories, Oblivion, is a knockout blow’
      • ‘Not always easy watching, but it is a film that packs a punch.’
      • ‘Internationally revered for her film, video and photographic work Hegarty is a multimedia artist who packs a punch.’
      • ‘Physically Arnie is a giant of a man, but - perhaps surprisingly to many - he also packs a punch mentally too.’
      • ‘He may be approaching 80, but the former cabinet minister and idol of the hard left still packs a punch.’
      • ‘The granddaughter of Rochdale boxing champion Jock McAvoy is packing a punch of her own - as a poet.’
      • ‘And yet, de Montalk's tense, restrained minimalism is capable of packing a punch.’
      • ‘The underdog Kings are also a hefty 37 - 6 at home in Arco Arena, packing a punch with a lineup that includes All-Stars Webber and fellow pistolero Peja Stojakovic.’