Meaning of pack a sad in English:

pack a sad


  • 1New Zealand informal Be or become depressed or sullen.

    • ‘don't pack a sad because someone else likes to play dirty’
    • ‘She doesn't pack a sad or force her opinions on me.’
    • ‘I remember packing a sad when I was six or seven when I was told it was too wet to play.’
    • ‘He packed a sad, cursing within clear view and earshot of television cameras.’
    • ‘Maybe they will pack a sad and move somewhere else.’
    • ‘When someone else got the job, she packed a sad.’
    • ‘When there is a falling out, someone packs a sad and sets up a new party.’
    • ‘Instead of packing a sad and blaming your problems on me, how about you get a backbone and defend your assertions?’
    • ‘Then he packs a sad whenever the person he is interviewing gets the better of him.’
    • ‘Don't pack a sad and cry just because one of your lot got caught being scummy.’
    • ‘Rather than packing a sad about the apparent diss, she said she was happy to ruffle the singer's feathers.’
    1. 1.1Break down.
      ‘the dishwasher packed a sad’
      • ‘Just a few days ago, my fancy VCR packed a sad and now won't play back tapes.’
      • ‘Unfortunately her bike packed a sad.’
      • ‘My car's packed a sad; bad timing, right?’