Meaning of pack in in English:

pack in

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phrasal verb

  • 1pack something in, pack in something informal Give up an activity or job.

    • ‘I'm packing in the job’
    • ‘I’ve half a mind to pack the whole thing in.’
    • ‘I think I'll pack the diet in for a while and just concentrate on the fitness side.’
    • ‘He's packing the job in next month.’
    resign from, leave, give up, drop, abandon, renounce, relinquish
    give up, abstain from, drop, desist from, refrain from, steer clear of, give a wide berth to, reject, eschew, forswear, avoid, discontinue
  • 2British informal (of a machine) break down.

    • ‘at Gatwick, the engine packed in’
  • 3pack something in, pack in somethingNorth American Carry something to a place (used especially with respect to remote campsites)

    • ‘pack out what you pack in, use campfires sparingly, and put them out completely’