Meaning of pack one's bags in English:

pack one's bags


  • Prepare for one's imminent departure.

    ‘he might hand in his resignation, pack his bags, and go to Tahiti’
    • ‘As these notes are being prepared, I am packing my bags to go to Wales for the early-season hawking.’
    • ‘When the bell tolled for their departure, they packed their bags and left in freewheeling style but leaving behind no concrete proof of investment.’
    • ‘Mary warned us that there was a strong chance we'd be going to jail and on the Friday before our Monday court appearance she advised us to prepare for the worst and to pack our bags.’
    • ‘But after a bad row on March 4, she packed her bags and fled to her mother's.’
    • ‘She's quit her job, packed her bags and off to teach English with the JET Programme.’
    • ‘The next one who retires, just pack your bags and say thanks very much I've had a lovely time.’
    • ‘With the main school holidays fast approaching, many families from Bolton will soon be packing their bags and heading off to the airport, ready to hop on to flights abroad.’
    • ‘Your friends have all got the grades they needed and are looking forward to packing their bags and starting a new life in October.’
    • ‘I couldn't believe it - we were eight points behind yet some of the guys were already packing their bags.’
    • ‘They'd be better off packing their bags and taking their grants with them.’