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pack rat


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    another term for woodrat

    ‘And my friend Julio Betancourt who was near an Anasazi ruin and happened to see a pack rat midden whose dating he knew nothing about.’
    • ‘A) There are some 40 known rattler-proof North American mammals, including species of pack rats, ground squirrels, pocket mice, and other snakebite-size critters.’
    • ‘Mice in near biblical plague numbers crowd my abode, also pack rats and kangaroo rats.’
    • ‘Of course, the more sources that are used for forest history - such as needle types in fossilized pack rat middens and fire scar frequency in old stumps - the more accurate it becomes.’
    • ‘Mammals such as banner-tailed kangaroo rats and pack rats also alter the landscape of desert ecosystems and redistribute nutrients through their activities.’
    • ‘He saw few dead animals; he remembers a pack rat and a snowshoe hare.’
  • 2North American derogatory A person who hoards things.

    • ‘Though he admits that he's a pack rat, Caouette points out 160 hours of material isn't so much when collected over a span of 20 years.’
    • ‘‘Great, I'm moving in with a pack rat,’ she groaned jokingly.’
    • ‘Mercy turned around to go to her room and laughed saying, ‘I am going to become a pack rat if I am not careful.’’
    • ‘As far as my actual physical ‘studio’ is concerned, I am a hopeless pack rat!’
    • ‘The space was barely used by clothes, but mostly taken up by miscellaneous junk and trinkets, which only a pack rat would refuse to part with.’
    • ‘I confessed my sins as a pack rat in this space a year ago.’
    • ‘Ian's boss resembled a manic pack rat, busying himself amongst the stack of paper that crowded the tiny cubicle.’
    • ‘Unless you're a serious pack rat, you probably haven't saved receipts for all your purchases this year.’
    • ‘He's a pack rat who collects everything that isn't nailed down, and is acutely mistrustful of the others.’
    • ‘My mother often chides me about being a pack rat, the kind of person who has a tough time throwing out anything.’
    • ‘Half of them didn't fit me, but I'm guilty of being, however partially, a pack rat.’
    • ‘I am a pack rat, so there is a lot of purging to be done, but my main goal is to get rid of the clutter and have a lovely tidy room that feels inviting and not revolting.’
    • ‘Never buy anything you don't need - and if you're a pack rat, stay away from garage sales.’
    • ‘As we teased each other about our common affliction as pack rats, he offered tips on organizing the documents and clippings I was collecting.’
    • ‘The bard was a notorious pack rat from a long line of notorious pack rats, and the small home had been in her family for four generations.’
    • ‘She described their past residence as rather unkempt and described them as pack rats.’
    • ‘Finally, Rod let us into his ‘office’, which to me looked more like a one-room apartment of a very lonely pack rat.’
    • ‘I am forced to admit that when it comes to organization of materials I am a pack rat in recovery.’
    • ‘She must think you're a monster… or at least a pack rat.’
    • ‘The room before them lay stacked with more junk than a pack rat's attic.’