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pack up

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phrasal verb

  • 1pack something up, pack up somethingPlace something in a container for transport, storage, or sale.

    • ‘I packed up my stuff and drove to Detroit’
  • 2British informal (of a machine) break down.

    • ‘the immersion heater has packed up’
    • ‘Things got so bad during Wednesday's gargantuan meeting that the overworked coffee machine packed up.’
    • ‘But somehow - and this is where my memory of the interview almost completely packs up on me - I stumbled to the end of the answer.’
    • ‘Next time the freezer packs up I'll hope it's in winter!’
    • ‘This is when the heating packs up, nothing for it except to go out for a night on the town.’
    • ‘Hopefully it will be nothing like this time last year when I had a three and a half mile walk home in the snow when the tubes and buses packed up.’
    • ‘Things got worse when the boat's watermaker packed up and Richards had to spend precious time repairing it.’
    • ‘By the time he was 24, Daniel was having dialysis four times a day to survive when his only kidney packed up.’
    • ‘My scooter had packed up on the way to work in the morning, and I had had to leave it in a quiet cul-de-sac and return for it later.’
    • ‘I was going to take loads of photos but alas, my camera battery packed up.’
    • ‘But the clutch on his Ford Mondeo packed up and he was left on a remote stretch of the dual carriageway.’
    break down, stop working, cease to function, cease to work, fail, give out, stall, come to a halt, develop a fault, malfunction, go wrong, break, act up, be defective, be faulty, crash
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