Meaning of pacy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpeɪsi/

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adjectiveadjective pacier, adjective paciest

(also pacey)
  • Moving or progressing quickly.

    ‘a pacy thriller’
    • ‘Jim and Ruth start to uncover the truth, putting themselves at risk as they do so, in a pacy thriller that reveals dark secrets that need to be explored and exposed.’
    • ‘Criminal is a taut, well-written and extremely pacy crime thriller that is set over the course of 24-hours.’
    • ‘The pacy, busy, vibrant winger has been replaced by a more thoughtful, more disciplined player.’
    • ‘In his hands, the 90-minute score was surprisingly pacy.’
    • ‘Weir's style, combining thorough historical research with a colourful and pacy gift for storytelling, has endeared her to countless readers.’
    • ‘Much of this was captured in her pacy memoir, By Myself, which, like many, I read when it first came out in the early 1980s, long before I met her.’
    • ‘I think I need the music I listen to at work under headphones to be more pacy and vibrant - a lot of the stuff I have there at the moment is a rather too chilled and relaxing.’
    • ‘Harris establishes period detail with a light touch, so that this is never less than a thrillingly pacy read whose power is not lessened by the inevitability of its climax.’
    • ‘Kemp looms large over much of Shakespeare's subsequent pacy narrative; growing more sinister the deeper the author chooses to delve.’
    • ‘Elsewhere the emphasis is on speed of delivery, which makes for a pacy production, but, however likeable, it ultimately lacks authority.’
    • ‘There's a good chance that you could make more than $2.1m by writing a very pacy airport novel dealing with exactly this kind of scenario.’
    • ‘A book that makes you want to find an armchair and a glass of good Burgundy, this is a pacy, well researched history with plenty of human detail to leaven the science.’
    • ‘In a high quality game, the better side certainly won, but by a flattering margin, as they were able to maximise their chances with some pacy finishing.’
    • ‘The superannuated dames and amateur comedians of old are gone: in their place is a pacy and entertaining contemporary pantomime.’
    • ‘The pacy striker made just nine starts in two years, making a further 37 substitute appearances and scoring a total of five goals.’
    • ‘Because it's modern, yet magical, pacy but nostalgic, it resonates with both the adult reading it and the child being read to.’
    • ‘They always play a really expansive game, a really quick game with lots of pacy players, but they've always had a bit of size about them as well.’
    • ‘We took the decision to walk the last 7 miles at a pacy 4 mile an hour rate.’
    • ‘Instead of turning out to be a pacy satirical novelist, he might easily have become a pacy satirical playwright.’
    • ‘There are some classic performances in a pacy and innovative production for the Swan's winter season.’