Meaning of padauk in English:


Pronunciation /paˈdaʊk/


(also padouk)
  • 1mass noun Timber from a tropical tree, resembling rosewood.

    ‘In a similar way, penwork was developed to imitate the glamorous ivory-inlaid furniture of Vizagapatam, with its engraved floral designs set into dark ebony, rosewood, padouk, or sandalwood.’
    • ‘In the first half of the eighteenth century ebony rosewood, and padouk were inlaid with floral designs ivory that was then engraved and highlighted with lac.’
    • ‘The Indian furniture was usually of ebony, padouk, or rosewood with the floral borders and motifs either inlaid or engraved on ivory veneer.’
    • ‘African padauk is reported to be available in both lumber and veneer forms on the market in North America, but prices are typically in the high range.’
  • 2The large tree of the pea family which produces padauk, native to the Old World tropics.

    Genus Pterocarpus, family Leguminosae: three species, in particular African padauk (P. soyauxii)

    ‘African padauk is reported to be relatively secure within its natural habitat in most areas including the Congo, but it is officially classified as Vulnerable in Cameroon.’
    • ‘For the Myanmar people the Padauk tree is also a symbol of strength and durability.’
    • ‘Sattahip district chief Pongpat Wongtrakul led a tree-planting ceremony on December 4 at which 1,000 padauk trees were planted on Plutaluang Golf road.’
    • ‘Twenty species are available, including American varieties and exotic types like zebrawood, padauk, and wenge.’


Mid 19th century from Burmese.