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Pronunciation /ˈpadɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1Soft material such as foam or cloth used to pad or stuff something.

    ‘cushions supplied extra padding and decoration’
    • ‘All wrapped plates are fitted snugly into boxes with plenty of extra padding to make sure the cultures can withstand routine shocks and bumps during handling and transit.’
    • ‘Door padding is softer and more energy-absorbent.’
    • ‘Foam padding has been placed at the far end of the track to cushion the blow when students crash into a wall at the end of their sprints.’
    • ‘First, a soft layer of padding is put against the skin of the injured area.’
    • ‘There is removable closed-cell foam back padding, a chest strap and a padded waist belt.’
    • ‘As for my toes, every hard corner was covered with soft padding.’
    • ‘Opening it, he saw that nestled amongst the soft padding of the box was a sword three inches long carved out of obsidian.’
    • ‘The third layer is made up of gauze ‘fluff’ and sponges for extra padding.’
    • ‘Pressure on toes may be relieved with Silipos toe sleeves, polymer gel, or with padding of foam or lamb's wool.’
    • ‘Each harness is made of wide, heavy-duty nylon webbing to better distribute the work load and thick padding for extra comfort.’
    • ‘A little extra padding goes a long way, owing to non-existent seat cushions, rough suspension and unpaved, rocky roads.’
    • ‘Icaro only has to build one helmet and then size it for most (if not all) of their potential customers with the soft padding to make it comfortable.’
    • ‘There is extra padding to prevent the gun from ‘printing’ and an elastic holster holds the firearm securely in place.’
    • ‘She found the key, unlocked a drawer, opened it carefully, lifted the layer of soft padding, chose two test tubes of a strange green substance, replaced the layer, and locked the drawer again.’
    • ‘The extra padding at the bottom of your pack is specifically designed to deal with the decomposing result.’
    • ‘Before sitting on the thin saddle, he tucked the coat in beneath his bum, partly for extra padding and partly to prevent the dangling fabric from catching in the spokes or chain.’
    • ‘When examining supply costs, a $96 difference was identified because a drape and extra foam padding were used during the procedure.’
    • ‘In fact, Yacob was pretty certain there was a bit of extra padding there, accounting for the slightly lopsided look the woman seemed to have - a little bit like a hunchback.’
    • ‘Bikini tops come with optional padding to give extra shape and pants are available in different styles including hi-leg, hipster and adjustable ruched sides to suit all shapes.’
    • ‘Chest, hip, and ankle rolls with extra padding under the elbows and knees are used to reduce areas of pressure.’
    wadding, cushioning, stuffing, packing, upholstery, filling, filler, lining
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    1. 1.1Superfluous material in a book, speech, etc., introduced in order to make it reach a desired length.
      ‘avoid waffle or padding in your essay’
      • ‘Halfway through now I'm interested to see where it's going but I feel there's still an awful lot of padding in this book.’
      • ‘The film version requires substantial padding, as the book only lasts for a few pages.’
      • ‘On the other hand, Miller's concise strategy is preferable to the approach of padding out the running length.’
      • ‘This was for domestic consumption, some padding spun up by speechwriters to balance out the speech.’
      • ‘Why do his employers at the press tolerate such lazy journalism, such padding of what is supposed to be a serious contribution to national debate, in a quality newspaper?’
      • ‘Anyway, all this waffle is just a way of padding out the post so that it's large enough to give us enough room to print a picture of the excellent Annie, as well as Saint Etienne.’
      • ‘The Watson and Crick article contains no padding, and every word carries its weight.’
      • ‘This full-length version, which is more than twice the initially conceived length, includes too much obvious padding.’
      verbiage, verbosity, verboseness, wordiness, prolixity, prolixness
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