Meaning of paddle pop in English:

paddle pop


Australian, New Zealand
  • A piece of flavoured frozen milk on a stick.

    ‘she hitchhiked to Bondi and bought a paddle pop’
    • ‘I smiled, and tore open my chocolate Paddle Pop.’
    • ‘The crosses were made from paddle pop sticks.’
    • ‘We went and bought some paddle pops but they didn't have any rainbow ones.’
    • ‘It was $1.60 for one paddle pop, what a disgrace!’
    • ‘He went over to the vending machine and bought a Paddle Pop.’
    • ‘I don't understand what a 'creative awareness workshop' would entail other than papier mâché and paddle pop sticks.’
    • ‘For those who did not fancy ice cream, the only alternative was something like a Paddle Pop.’
    • ‘Paddle Pop ice creams have shrunk.’
    • ‘She came back carrying a melting Paddle Pop.’
    • ‘Your teamwork may need to be a bit beyond the building a bridge with paddle pop sticks phase.’