Meaning of paddle steamer in English:

paddle steamer


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(also paddle boat)
  • A boat powered by steam and propelled by paddle wheels.

    ‘One possibility is that the hulk is that of the iron paddle steamer, Lowestoft wrecked there in 1864.’
    • ‘I would then transfer onto a paddle steamer to sail down the eastern shores of the lake to a town called Mwanza, across the border in Tanganyika, where I devoutly hoped J.R. would be waiting for me.’
    • ‘We went on a steam boat paddle steamer ride which was full of atmosphere, steaming down the river it wasn't hard to conjure up visions of Huck Finn and his mates catching Catfish.’
    • ‘I had never traveled anywhere by ship, unless you count the half-hour trip across the Solent to the Isle of Wight, or a jaunt on a paddle steamer down the Thames, but this would be different.’
    • ‘Not only will you catch and see bass but you can have dinner and be entertained on aboard a paddle steamer as it sails up and down the river.’
    • ‘Apart from one inflatable dingy and the paddle steamer Waverley docked somewhere beneath us, the Clyde is empty.’
    • ‘A cheery hoot rose up from the paddle steamer, a hiss from the steam train.’
    • ‘Play the animation to find out how steam can be used to drive a paddle steamer.’
    • ‘Restoration of the paddle steamer will involve stripping the entire front third of the vessel before repairing the hull and refurbishing the engines.’
    • ‘You can still bid for three items that featured in the auction, these include: A water-colour painting of a paddle steamer, a household electrical check, and two central heating and boiler checks.’
    • ‘The Clyde must be the finest place in the world to run a paddle steamer.’
    • ‘You'll spend three nights here, travelling from Iquitos to Leticia on a paddle steamer, with visits to the rainforest, indigenous villages and the San Pablo leper colony where Guevara worked.’
    • ‘But one thing I remember, as we churned down the Mississippi in a painted paddle steamer, was his pride in the flood defences protecting New Orleans.’
    • ‘Rats arrived on Anacapa Island in 1850, when the paddle steamer Winfield Scott crashed into the island.’
    • ‘As Stuart Spencer completed the puzzle, he realised that the picture included his late wife, Anne, in her wheelchair on a paddle steamer outside a pub near his home.’
    • ‘There's a Mississippi paddle steamer outside called ‘Dixie Queen’.’
    • ‘The paddle steamer left Renmark on May the 3rd and was briefly grounded twice on its journey due to low water levels in the River Murray.’
    • ‘He had a paddle steamer built to accommodate seventy passengers and run on the Avon River between Christchurch and New Brighton.’
    • ‘They had travelled by train from Adelaide to Morgan and from there on the paddle steamer Ellen to their new settlement.’
    • ‘In that year a 479-ton wooden paddle steamer, the Enterprize, steamed (mostly sailed in fact) from London to Calcutta.’