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Pronunciation /ˈpadək/

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  • 1A small field or enclosure where horses are kept or exercised.

    ‘What is required to make the fence adequate depends upon the horses confined behind it, the proximity of the paddock or pasture to the highway, and the nature of the highway.’
    • ‘Residents in Little Lever have objected to plans to build an exercise paddock for horses at the rear of their homes.’
    • ‘The horses in the paddocks were whinnying and nickering, and our mares called out in response.’
    • ‘More than one stallion can be housed under the same roof, but they should all have separate paddocks or grazing patches.’
    • ‘Water flooded the entire hay field and backed up into the horse paddocks right up to the elevation of his machine shop.’
    • ‘The layout of the enclosures, paddocks, and yards suggests an emphasis on stock-raising.’
    • ‘Where cows must be housed, allow access to an exercise yard or small paddock to facilitate mating.’
    • ‘Ragwort in grazing paddocks is life-threatening to horses and other livestock.’
    • ‘If your horses prefer the outdoors, you can choose to house them in one of the 7 paddocks located in front of KickBack Flats, which are also visible from the front porches of both cabins.’
    • ‘Your nursery paddock needs to be strong, roomy, and as safe as it can be.’
    • ‘The best scenario would be to have a small paddock or round pen to ride in, in addition to using the lead rope or lounge line.’
    • ‘We're also having a paddock and dressage ring made for Gill's horses,’ says Marven.’
    • ‘The grazing paddocks are ideal for equestrian activity - this area also includes three stables, a garage, stores, tackroom, feed shed and a small sand arena.’
    • ‘Though unlike the Dressage farm's paddocks, these were dirt as opposed to grass and each had a large hay wheel in the center.’
    • ‘Ria was exercising her horse in the paddock, because he was getting too frisky; at least that was her excuse.’
    • ‘The stable yard and paddocks would also be a boon to riding enthusiasts.’
    • ‘Some paddocks or parts of paddocks should get a sprinkling of grass seed if they are badly damaged.’
    • ‘The move was necessary due to a need for larger stables and paddocks, a training area for a mechanical horse, a full racetrack, and living quarters for out-of-town students.’
    • ‘They will also shoot behind-the-scenes looks of the saddling paddock, receiving barn, and other restricted areas, as well as public areas of the track.’
    • ‘Around the village there were open fields and paddocks.’
    field, meadow, pasture
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    1. 1.1An enclosure adjoining a racecourse or track where horses or cars are gathered and displayed before a race.
      ‘I went across the course to see the horses in the paddock’
      • ‘No hunting took place, but a crowd gathered around the racecourse paddock to hear a number of speeches.’
      • ‘What is now largely settled land on the more direct route was at that time paddocks and stables for race horses, and it seemed to me then that I passed through a kind of wild route to get home.’
      • ‘But there was a stroke of good fortune for Fallon in the paddock before the race as Gift Horse lashed out with his hind legs, narrowly missing the jockey.’
      • ‘A different kind of scheme was going on in the paddock at the racecourse.’
      • ‘‘I'd never seen so many people in the paddock there after a race,’ Swan later said.’
      • ‘Most often, Storm Flag Flying has shown a tendency to freeze and not move while in the paddock before a race.’
      • ‘The signs were bad in the paddock before the race where he was sweating behind his hind legs and he looked dull.’
      • ‘Fans wishing to get a final look at dual classic winner Point Given will have the opportunity on Wednesday when he will be paraded in the paddock and on the track.’
      • ‘Saki watched in humor as Noir raced around the paddock trying to get a grip on any of the horses.’
      • ‘He led the old horse down the track to the paddock.’
      • ‘As they were led back to the paddock after the race one wondered what was on the mind of Cahill after such a blistering performance on what was weather wise, a miserable day.’
      • ‘The views from this property are a main selling point, as are the extensive paddocks and adjoining buildings, which could greatly extend the house or provide guest accommodation.’
      • ‘It's 6: 01 p.m. and the horses come from the darkness of the paddock tunnel into the track's sunlight.’
      • ‘Everyone said he was one of the quietest horses in the paddock.’
      • ‘The frames of his glasses held together by duct tape, the man waits at the entrance to the paddock for the first horse to arrive.’
      • ‘Currently, a fee is considered earned when the horse leaves the paddock.’
      • ‘Prior to the race, punters flocked to the paddock to watch the horses being paraded and cast a critical eye over their fancies.’
      • ‘Dogs were exercised for 15 minutes twice daily in a paddock and raced 500 m twice weekly.’
      • ‘Furthermore, the track used an elevated wood-chip walking path in the infield for horses to cut through on their way from the backstretch to the paddock.’
      • ‘Workers spread across the racing surface and in the paddock in the early afternoon and refused to let racing begin.’
    2. 1.2Australian, New Zealand A field or plot of land enclosed by fencing or defined by natural boundaries.
      ‘the sheep have returned to their previously grazed paddocks’
      • ‘They wanted farmers to adopt improved grazing techniques by fencing paddocks or camps where animals could be left overnight.’
      • ‘Intensive rotational grazing systems usually have more than seven paddocks with grazing periods of less than one week to as little as a half day.’
      • ‘During the grazing period, cows were rotated among the four paddocks within each pasture treatment as forage availability within a paddock became limited.’
      • ‘To accommodate this difference in growth rate, one or more paddocks could be cut for hay in the spring while other paddocks are grazed.’
      • ‘Panic was not an option for Ronald Mobbs when the engine of his private plane stopped mid-air just seconds before landing in a paddock outside Bundaberg yesterday.’
      • ‘Is the field of concern a grazing paddock, intensive silage field or reclaimed bog?’
      • ‘Jonny had now flown past the old record and was looking for a good paddock to land in near the road.’
      • ‘A few friends met and had a bit of fun coursing in a paddock of 400 acres enclosed with wire netting.’
      • ‘The composition of the supplements fed to steers grazing mixed grass paddocks is listed in Table 4.’
      • ‘That happened in agriculture - out in the paddocks and the cornfields - but, ultimately, the food ends up on people's plates, sustaining the population.’
      • ‘In rotational grazing the pasture is divided into paddocks and the livestock moved from paddock to paddock.’
      • ‘About nine months ago we off-loaded surplus sheep and cattle stock, because we simply couldn't feed them from natural paddock pastures.’
      • ‘This includes levelling 55 hectares of paddocks to reduce the accumulation of water on the land during floods, tree plantings and improvement of drainage systems.’
      • ‘The protracted dry season has created problems for many sheep producers throughout the agricultural region with paddocks devoid of green grass and pasture.’
      • ‘As he places fence posts in a pasture paddock, he talks about grass.’
      • ‘It's dry and dusty with red dirt and big skies and broad acre paddocks of wheat and sheep.’
      • ‘Forests of fir, pine and spruce trees enclose the ranch's paddocks and meadows in every direction.’
      • ‘Once land dries, graze out the soiled paddocks in order to maintain grass quality.’
      • ‘We all made it across the rope-bridge, and saw some Irish paddocks of land.’
      • ‘You may need to offer additional land for paddocks to make them attractive to tenants.’
      meadow, pasture, paddock, green, pen, grassland, pastureland, sward
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[with object]
  • Keep (a horse) in a paddock.

    ‘horses paddocked on a hillside’
    • ‘I keep trying to get him to sit down, but he insists on checking all the stalls and paddocks himself even though I've already done it twice.’
    • ‘Finally Angus would take the horse back to paddock and feed it.’
    • ‘In terms of implications for animal welfare, the results of this in-depth study suggest that young horses should be paddocked or provided with enriched stabling environments, ideally with access to pasture, to improve their behaviour and physiological well-being.’


Early 17th century apparently a variant of dialect parrock, of unknown ultimate origin.