Meaning of paddock bomb in English:

paddock bomb


informal Australian
  • An old car, often unregistered, used solely for driving round farmland or wild countryside.

    • ‘the old Austin A30 was now a paddock bomb’
    • ‘That's not to say I go around bush-bashing in a paddock bomb so I can go for a quick dip in the local swimming hole.’
    • ‘As a boy, he'd built paddock bombs and taught himself to drive.’
    • ‘They are wobbling down the road like a wheel falling off a clapped-out paddock bomb.’
    • ‘They see the power station as a paddock bomb and just keep on patching it when they have to.’
    • ‘Children driving a paddock bomb sparked a fast-moving grass fire at Smythes Creek yesterday.’
    • ‘The paddock bomb is a vehicle that can be found sitting beside the shed, rusting away on every farm in Australia.’
    • ‘The local lads will take the paddock bomb out spotlighting for rabbits and foxes.’
    • ‘Once the paddock bomb is no longer running and cannot be repaired, it is left to rot at the back of the shed and become home to many small animals and birds.’
    • ‘Take a look at some of Australia's finest paddock bombs.’
    • ‘This is what happens when a few of the lads get hold of some cheap cars and turn them into paddock bombs.’