Meaning of Paddy's market in English:

Paddy's market


Australian, New Zealand
  • A street market with a variety of goods and services for sale, often including second-hand goods.

    ‘you can snap up dirt-cheap clothes from places like Paddy's markets’
    • ‘He'd waited for the stars to come out at night when he'd wished on the first one he saw, he'd even persuaded Nuke to go into Paddy's Markets with him so that he could consult a fortune teller.’
    • ‘I'm thinking in this scene she's actually gone for Paddy's Market Bargain Rack.’
    • ‘I find more often than not that that people who flaunt their Porsche branded phone or their Ferrari branded pen drive a Datsun and wear trackie pants with fake designer sunnnies they got from Paddy's market.’
    • ‘This larrikin identity took its cue from 'flash' or streetwise types to be found in places such as Paddy's Market, at fairgrounds, in pub singing rooms and cheap theatres.’
    • ‘We went to Paddy's Market and had a wander, I bought a boomerang!’
    • ‘Once I left the hotel, I quickly popped over to Paddy's Market for a couple of bits.’