Meaning of paideia in English:


Pronunciation /pʌɪˈdʌɪə/


mass noun
  • 1(in ancient Greece) a system of broad cultural education.

    ‘It is an education of a strange sort - he called it paideia.’
    • ‘It can also be found in the classical Greek concept of paideia as, in Michael Oakeshott's words, a ‘serious and orderly initiation into an intellectual, imaginative, moral and emotional inheritance.’’
    • ‘Catholic universities embrace an understanding of education expressed in the Greek word paideia.’
    • ‘The ancient Athenian roots of rhetoric instruction stressed paideia.’
    • ‘Through these visual details, as well as through the narrative, the plate indicates that David's paideia is now completed; he has become Saul's son-in-law and has a place in his court.’
    bringing up, rearing, raising, breeding, care, upkeep, cultivation, fostering, tending
    1. 1.1formal The culture of a society.
      ‘This type of response is typical of the culture of paideia.’
      • ‘She is currently a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow, working on the relationship between paideia and visual culture in late antiquity.’
      • ‘The pivotal exemplar is Origen, who built an alternative paideia based on an alternative classical culture expressed by biblical literature.’
      • ‘This is the Platonic idea of paideia, what we today call culture.’