Meaning of pail in English:


Pronunciation /peɪl/

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  • A bucket.

    ‘Be sure to eliminate mosquito-breeding areas around your home by removing standing water from gutters, old tires, wading pools, tarps, potted plants, and other outside buckets and pails.’
    • ‘All around the environment Smith created sculptures of human figures - literal ones constructed of poles, buckets and pails, and paint can lids.’
    • ‘Other clever ideas for containers are small bright pails lined with colorful cellophane, paper bags decorated with paper doilies and large jars which may be painted and trimmed with ribbon.’
    • ‘To help the farming community better, the bus may also accommodate baskets of produce, sacks of grain and pails of milk.’
    • ‘But many more in the city of nine million people hunker down, lining up for rationed water and storing it in pails and tubs as the city's water supply was cut off.’
    • ‘In addition, you will need fabric stiffener, a spray bottle, pails in which to soak the leather and acrylic paints or leather stains.’
    • ‘Mohammed kept losing his sandals and slipping on the tile, and the ball nearly overturned boxes of vegetables and pails of whitewash.’
    • ‘Continue with the rustic theme by choosing unusual containers such as milk pails or tin cans.’
    • ‘Slowly, Katherine stretched out her arm and reached into the small pail that contained soapy water.’
    • ‘Pouring warm milk from the pail into a mug, she sighed and frowned, unsettled.’
    • ‘They are everywhere - sprawled in the vast garden, curled up under the large trees, trotting around in the corridors, and drinking water from large aluminium pails.’
    • ‘That means he gets to stand on the roof, next to the water tank, receive the pails of water, and dump them into the tank.’
    • ‘He makes 35 cents for every pail he empties onto his grower's truck, which means he must fill and dump at least 20 pails an hour if he wants to earn more than his base wage of $6.98.’
    • ‘Every year when the below-zero weather comes around, my father and I carry out over one thousand five-gallon pails from our house to our barn where the water is frozen.’
    • ‘Many of these symptoms are a consequence of heavy repetitive work and neck compression caused by carrying heavy loads of water pails or wood on their head and shoulders for miles.’
    • ‘The sea air builds up a ferocious appetite which we were able to satisfy by gorging our way through two huge pails of mussels which we picked from the rocks at a secret location not far from Tarbert.’
    • ‘And every day, girls from the village would go down to the water hole and fill rusty pails with water for cooking and drinking.’
    • ‘Residents cooperated in extinguishing the fire by using pails to fetch water from the nearby Ciliwung river.’
    • ‘Use two pails - one half-full of warm water and cleaning solution and the other one empty.’
    • ‘Most of the time, they have to walk for kilometers or dig holes in dry ponds just for one or two pails of dirty water.’
    pail, scuttle, can, tub, pitcher, vessel


Middle English origin uncertain; compare with Old English pægel ‘gill, small measure’ and Old French paelle ‘pan, liquid measure, brazier’.