Meaning of paint stripper in English:

paint stripper

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mass noun
  • A substance used to dissolve and remove paint from a surface.

    ‘you will have to remove the remaining lacquer with paint stripper’
    • ‘The paint was stripped using a chemical paint stripper in combination with a wide variety of mechanical devices.’
    • ‘I use a paint stripper on my electric drill to strip the seeds off the heads onto a large piece of plastic.’
    • ‘You will need paint stripper and a brush, a scraper, and some sandpaper.’
    • ‘Paint strippers contain different chemicals, and the potential hazards are different for various products.’
    • ‘Never use any paint stripper in a poorly ventilated area.’
    • ‘If you don't want to use the paint stripper, you can rent a floor sander.’
    • ‘It was a case of either get the paint stripper out again or go buy some new paint and lather it on thick.’
    • ‘By this point I am gasping for air, but the air is a combination of plaster dust and paintstripper.’
    • ‘I shook the can of paint-stripper, and distributed an even and generous layer onto the radiator.’
    • ‘We hear of their dinners in the cafe, described as 'inedible food' and 'paint-stripper wine'.’