Meaning of paintbrush in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpeɪntbrʌʃ/

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  • 1A brush for applying paint.

    ‘The artist's easel, paint box, palettes, paintbrushes and dried tubes of paint occupied a corner.’
    • ‘We spread out old sheets on folding tables set up in the backyard, put out craft paints in all colors, sponge brushes and paintbrushes, and watched our budding Picassos.’
    • ‘The new paintbrushes and brush sets are made with safe, seamless ferrules in a variety of sizes, which helps younger children learn to control their brushstrokes.’
    • ‘On a bench lay stacks of photographs, and several jars, jam-packed with paintbrushes, each brush telling its unique story.’
    • ‘Using thinned glue and old paintbrushes, students apply tissue to a piece of white oaktag and create the collage.’
    • ‘Using a paintbrush, apply a thick coating of the mixture; with a piece of spare canvas, rub the sealant deeply into the canvas.’
    • ‘After it cools, use a wide paintbrush to apply one layer of paste under the flier and one on top.’
    • ‘Use a paintbrush to apply the Country Red paint to the apples, the Golden Pear paint to the pears and the Eucalyptus paint to the leaves.’
    • ‘The portrait is dominated by her own image, holding a palette and a paintbrush in her hands.’
    • ‘His drag of the paintbrush across the canvas inspires other human feelings, like an affectionate touch.’
    • ‘Her innovative technique is part traditional painting and part sketching with a paintbrush dipped in color.’
    • ‘The figure of the blue-jeaned artist stands in the foreground at left, paintbrushes in hand.’
    • ‘On the right-hand panel, two shallow bowls hold a number of paint tubes and two paintbrushes; they stand, most likely, for the painter himself.’
    • ‘I like the physical connection of painting with a paintbrush.’
    • ‘Use an artist's paintbrush or any tiny brush and apply stain to the scratch using a similar color to that on the floor.’
    • ‘Dipping her paintbrush in red and black she put the paintbrush to canvas and got lost in her thoughts once again.’
    • ‘These tools of expression (such as a paintbrush or crayons) are presented to the child in such a way as to teach respect for the tools.’
    • ‘The technique-known as ‘relief etching’ - involved applying his design to a sheet of copper using a paintbrush dipped in a mixture of salad oil and candle grease.’
    • ‘She jumped off the stool, dipping her paintbrush into the jar and stepping back, holding the brush out like a sword.’
    • ‘She had a flair for painting, and now spent her time in the basement turned studio with tubes of acrylic paint and paintbrushes.’
    broom, sweeper, besom, whisk, sweeping brush
  • 2with modifier A North American plant that bears brightly coloured flowering spikes with a brushlike appearance.

    Genus Castilleja, family Scrophulariaceae: several species, including the Indian paintbrush (C. coccinea)

    ‘The wetter areas support meadows containing Missouri goldenrod, false toadflax, golden-glow, Indian paintbrush, Mariposa lily, death camas, and prairie smoke.’
    • ‘Now, gaudy flowers crowd the brooks - paintbrush, gentian, columbine.’
    • ‘Among the common wildflowers are one-flowered cinquefoil, woolly lousewort, alpine willowherb, three saxifrages, and an Indian paintbrush.’
    • ‘In Missouri, some glades do resemble prairies, with plants that include big and little bluestem, Indian grass, Indian paintbrush, prairie larkspur, purple coneflower, and blazing stars.’
    • ‘Other wildflowers interspersed among the grasses are tidy tips, red maids, Indian paintbrush, owl's clover, shooting-star, larkspur, golden star, mariposa lily, and johnny-jump-up.’