Meaning of palaeoanthropology in English:



  • The branch of anthropology concerned with fossil hominids.

    ‘The announcement electrified the paleoanthropology community.’
    • ‘The pattern of population size change across the Pleistocene has come to be of critical interest, linking paleodemography with population genetics, paleoecology, and paleoanthropology.’
    • ‘Contributors include accomplished specialists in geology, paleontology, and paleoanthropology.’
    • ‘By this type of omission, the true nature of the human fossil record continues to be the best-kept secret in modern paleoanthropology.’
    • ‘We seem to be witnessing a classic struggle in palaeoanthropology between the molecules and the fossils.’



/ˌpalɪəʊanθrəˈpɒlədʒi/ /ˌpeɪlɪəʊanθrəˈpɒlədʒi/