Meaning of pale-coloured in English:



  • Light in colour or shade.

    ‘plain, pale-coloured wood’
    • ‘Caerphilly is a moist, crumbly cheese with a pale-coloured paste.’
    • ‘At the bottom of the outcrop in the photo we can see a small exposure of pale-coloured rock.’
    • ‘To show them to their best advantage they should be placed against the backdrop of a pale-coloured wall or garden fence.’
    • ‘The best-known example of Chinese green tea is Gunpowder, a pale-coloured tea with a sharp distinctive taste.’
    • ‘We eat a lot of pale-coloured food, the closest we get to greens is some wilted lettuce at a pizza house salad bar.’
    • ‘Fortunately, I have 'wipe-clean' laminate floor and not a pale-coloured carpet.’
    • ‘A pale-coloured dog ran up to us.’
    • ‘It's a heavy, pale-coloured dress made of some cheap, stiff material that you step into and then fasten at the back with a series of clasps.’
    • ‘Glancing back, she paused to watch the stream of pale-coloured, woolly bodies separate into groups that skittered and bounced after their shepherds, a few pausing to nibble at vegetation on the side of the narrow path.’
    • ‘A pale-colored, medium or light bodied lager will be very likely to have a refined, balanced flavor that will go with "white wine foods."’
    • ‘In the budgie, rough pale-colored crusts are seen on the feet, as well as on the face.’
    • ‘As it cooks, the jam will give off a pale-colored foam that will rise to the surface.’
    • ‘To beer drinkers around the world, the Czech Republic is famous for producing the world's first pale-colored lager.’
    light-coloured, light-toned, pale, pale-coloured, pastel, pastel-coloured