Meaning of palliative care in English:

palliative care

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mass noun
  • Care for the terminally ill and their families, especially that provided by an organized health service.

    ‘It demonstrates that the use of blood transfusion in palliative care requires further discussion.’
    • ‘Not all hospitals and healthcare facilities offer palliative care services.’
    • ‘Such prescriptions may affect two thirds of inpatients in specialist palliative care units.’
    • ‘The management of pain from gastric carcinoma follows established palliative care practice.’
    • ‘Such considerations did not seem to apply to events of overt polymedication or of palliative care.’
    • ‘She willingly lectures at conferences on palliative care, oncology nursing, and pain management.’
    • ‘A form detailing palliative care management should be completed by the patient's general practitioner.’
    • ‘In effect he found that feeding via intravenous drip constitutes medical treatment, not palliative care.’
    • ‘The local standard of care for HIV and AIDS includes only palliative care.’
    • ‘Most palliative care units try to involve family members and friends who are important and close to the person dying.’