Meaning of palpitate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpalpɪteɪt/

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  • 1no object (of the heart) beat rapidly, strongly, or irregularly.

    ‘his heart was palpitating and his palms sweated’
    • ‘I slipped out of the school gates, my heart palpitating rapidly yet I could hear every individual beat of my heart, echoing in my head.’
    • ‘Hearts palpitating, ears magnifying the smallest sound, they stealthily waded across the river.’
    • ‘THERE I was, heart palpitating after Laois minors' injury time equaliser against Westmeath in Croke Park last Sunday, but still there was work to be done.’
    • ‘Once upon a time in Carlow the prospect of this particular Limerick team coming up for a qualifier would have sent knees buckling and hearts palpitating.’
    • ‘Her mind was racing with guilt, her heart was palpitating with expectation and desire for this stranger called Marcus.’
    • ‘Her heart was still palpitating like that of a bird.’
    • ‘Then, she left the car and entered the hotel, her heart palpitating.’
    • ‘She could feel her heart palpitating as she remained seated there.’
    • ‘His heart was palpitating more than usual, but it wasn't due to his fear.’
    • ‘She could almost hear his own heart palpitating wildly in his chest, and without knowing it, she put her hand over his heart to feel it.’
    • ‘She sat bolt upright in bed, her heart palpitating quickly and her breathing in a frantic state.’
    • ‘My heart would palpitate and sweat glands shift into overdrive.’
    • ‘One's heart palpitated for the duo whilst feeling their pain when their bodies - hands, feet and all - pressed against one another in uncomfortable maneuverings.’
    • ‘Apparently, we are more tolerant - our blood pressures don't go up, our hearts don't palpitate and our kids can't be traumatized.’
    • ‘My heart palpitated and the air stopped in my lungs.’
    • ‘Where I live, there are lots of folks palpitating at 325 beats a minute.’
    • ‘My heart sometimes palpitates when I am startled or sometimes when I bend forward.’
    • ‘His heart palpitated as he inwardly started to panic.’
    • ‘It seemed to take an eternity to reach the landing, and her heart palpitated with self-consciousness.’
    • ‘While other organs might fill with blood, the heart palpitates, contracts, squeezes and pumps fluids.’
    beat rapidly, pound, throb, pulsate, pulse, thud, thump, hammer, flutter, pitter-patter, go pit-a-pat, quiver, pump, race, pant, thrill
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    1. 1.1Shake; tremble.
      ‘she was almost palpitating with excitement’
      • ‘As grandmas go into palpitating convulsions of disbelief, and all of contemporary society looks down at me from their pedestals of purity, let me just state that I'm not average.’
      • ‘So, everyone from palpitating fans to scribes will have to wait till the designated launch day to actually get to see the book, which is said to have an orange cover.’
      • ‘She palpitates visibly, and retires to the photocopier.’
      • ‘They positively palpitate at dramatic accounts of unbelievers crying out for sacraments, or trembling with terror as the demons drag them into the inferno.’
      • ‘An impressionable, palpitating creature was Ella, shrinking humanely from detailed knowledge of her husband's trade whenever she reflected that everything he manufactured had for its purpose the destruction of life.’
      • ‘And why had so many teenage girls screamed and palpitated at the very thought of The Rolling Stones throughout the ‘sixties?’
      • ‘Viro squeezed harder, his massive fingers digging into the man's throat; his windpipe broke and his head palpitated, turning reddish, then purple.’
      • ‘Anyone wondering why people palpitate over the exploitation genre will have a hard time finding such excitement incentives here.’
      tremble, quiver, quake, shake, shake like a leaf, shiver, shudder
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Early 17th century from Latin palpitat- ‘patted’, from the verb palpitare, frequentative of palpare ‘touch gently’.