Meaning of pan-Indian in English:



  • 1Relating to the whole of India, or to all its ethnic, religious, or linguistic groups.

    ‘But the richness of the experience and the authentic Bengali touch has now given way to ‘catered’ banquets that serve over-spiced and greasy fare that is vaguely pan-Indian in form and very un-Indian in taste.’
    • ‘‘There's only now becoming a more pan-Indian sense of what Native food can be.’’
    • ‘The legendary Jiggs Kalra and the doyen of Ayurvedic food, Pushpesh Pant, have launched Moksh, the first pan-Indian vegetarian restaurant, with a live interactive kitchen, at The Chancery on Lavelle Road.’
    • ‘It was in search of more pertinent questions that we met in Bangalore on November 5, just before Subramanyan inaugurated a pan-Indian exhibition that launched Gallery Sumukha's redefined space.’
    • ‘My audience is pan-Indian and I use English as a medium because I think English is a link language.’
    • ‘The problems of a pan-Indian community are area-specific and time-specific and must be tackled individually for success, of course, by pooling the experience and expertise from all over the country.’
    • ‘That was also the first known deviation from the pan-Indian concepts of Sanskrit theatre.’
    • ‘By contrast, what was found at the contentious site in Ayodhya, when not part of this indistinctive pan-Indian register, was distinctively part of the non-Buddhistic traditions of Hinduism.’
    • ‘This shows, according to the team members, that there could have been a pan-Indian civilisation rather than one confined to a limited area, as some 19th century historians propose.’
    • ‘Some politicians even believe they can project an ‘image’ exclusively through TV, which allegedly has a pan-Indian appeal.’
    • ‘This argued that English had become the pan-Indian language of the elite and the Establishment, assuming the part previously played by Sanskrit and Persian.’
    • ‘The only ‘national’ language, English opens up the message to a pan-Indian, maybe even an international, audience.’
    • ‘What Singh, 72, lacks in charisma, he makes up for with pan-Indian appeal.’
    • ‘Consequently the regional political forces gained in terms of mass support-in many cases by promoting ethnic alternatives to pan-Indian nationalism.’
    • ‘Varma says that a strong pan-Indian feeling is strongly emerging.’
    • ‘A visionary, an ideologue, a pioneer in the establishment of the Madras Movement, this leader's single-minded pursuit led to the definition of the southern region within the pan-Indian movement.’
  • 2Denoting or relating to a cultural movement or religious practice participated in by many or all North American Indian peoples.

    ‘No Cherokee social dances have survived, but some Cherokees have joined in the pan-Indian practice of powwow dancing.’
    • ‘Hook notes that this pan-Indian approach to cultural renewal is not unique to the Alabama-Coushattas.’
    • ‘While the urban Indian experience fostered a pan-Indian identity and led to a number of political movements, it was not immune from tension.’
    • ‘In other words, pan-Indian nationalism was not based exclusively on traditional Blackfoot values.’
    • ‘While the election of John F. Kennedy promised a friendlier ‘New Frontier’ in Indian affairs, the ig6os also witnessed the birth of pan-Indian protest groups.’
    • ‘In open debate, Pushmataha persuaded the Choctaws not to join Tecumseh when Tecumseh visited their country seeking their enlistment in his pan-Indian alliance in 1811.’
    • ‘As an artist working in collaboration with other Natives, she cultivated a relationship between ongoing tribal traditions and an emerging pan-Indian value system.’
    • ‘Did new notions of pan-Indian identity that had emerged east of the Mississippi in the early decades of the nineteenth century spread onto the Plains or into the Rocky Mountains?’
    • ‘A number of families emerged within each of the tribes to encourage all-Indian rodeo as a means of generating pan-Indian solidarity.’