Meaning of panic buying in English:

panic buying

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mass noun
  • The action of buying large quantities of a particular product or commodity due to sudden fears of a forthcoming shortage or price rise.

    ‘panic buying is leading to 15–30 minute queues at almost all petrol stations over here’
    • ‘Part two of my contingency plan addresses the food shortage caused by panic buying.’
    • ‘The specter of the unfolding financial crisis incited some panic buying of Treasuries.’
    • ‘However, following Nestlé's announcement earlier this month, there was panic buying of condensed milk across Scotland.’
    • ‘Nor was the panic buying good news for petrol stations.’
    • ‘The sporadic panic buying of petrol was largely provoked by the government's own warnings.’
    • ‘Panic buying of cooking oil has even been seen in some stores.’
    • ‘Panic buying started in the resort in the morning.’
    • ‘Panic buying at the pumps meant that York soon ran dry.’
    • ‘There was definitely some panic buying going on.’
    • ‘The shelves are beginning to look just a little empty and the situation can't be put down entirely to panic buying.’
    • ‘Some key commodities, however, look vulnerable to shortages and possible panic buying.’
    • ‘Having witnessed the panic buying, with some drivers putting more than £40 worth of fuel in their cars, one thing was very apparent.’
    • ‘Retailers could do with some panic buying.’
    • ‘And it is thought more increases could be on the way, leading to a possible spate of panic buying.’
    • ‘However, after the initial panic buying, people settled down into a routine and food was not a problem until the end of 1916.’
    • ‘I don't care what anyone says, including the happy talk analysts quoted farther down in the story: this kind of panic buying is a sign of a late-stage bubble.’
    • ‘Is it time to start panic buying for duct tape again?’
    • ‘Panic buying of foodstuffs and nutritional supplements (e.g. iodine) is a likely outcome.’
    • ‘There was panic buying of supplies in some supermarkets.’
    • ‘They were geared up for a day of premature panic buying.’