Meaning of panmixia in English:


Pronunciation /panˈmɪksɪə/


mass nounZoology
  • Random mating within a breeding population.

    ‘Microsatellite markers revealed no particular departure from panmixia within each local population and a genetic structure consistent with isolation by distance.’
    • ‘If the size of the effective breeding population is still greater, approaching panmixia in varying degrees, evolution will be slowed down considerably.’
    • ‘With an extinction-colonization model, the probability of fixation can be much reduced relative to panmixia.’
    • ‘Random mating can be looked for by using the Hardy-Weinberg test, or conversely departure from panmixia can be detected by using linkage disequilibrium tests.’
    • ‘The population size N is considered as constant, with as many males as females, reproducing by panmixia.’


Late 19th century modern Latin, from German Panmixie, from Greek pan ‘all’ + mixis ‘mixing’.