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Pronunciation /panəˈrɑːmə/

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  • 1An unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer.

    ‘the tower offers a wonderful panorama of Prague’
    • ‘As I climbed up onto the wall and took a seat, the sparkling panorama surrounding me took my breath away.’
    • ‘This opens up a fine panorama of the surrounding hill country, with peak upon peak now in sight.’
    • ‘Stairs in the kiosk led us up to a viewing platform that afforded us a wonderful panorama of the Mima prairie.’
    • ‘The impact is estimated to remove 10 per cent of the panorama and seascape and will be visible for up to 60 km.’
    • ‘From the summit the panorama encompasses fine views of the Great Glen in general and Loch Ness in particular.’
    • ‘It's in the shade of the tung trees that the road from Sanyi meanders, punctuated by the occasional panorama of the surrounding countryside.’
    • ‘Ord House, dating from 1763, lies on the shores of Loch Eishort on Skye and offers dramatic uninterrupted panoramas of the famous black mountains.’
    • ‘Further windows were added at discreet points around the barn, mostly at low level, framing horizontal panoramas of the landscape visible when sitting inside.’
    • ‘The winding road offers breathtaking panoramas of valleys below.’
    • ‘The rooftop panorama is breathtaking: the surrounding hills and valleys, with their terraced fields, orchards and tiny villages, look less like Africa than a central Asian Shangri-la.’
    • ‘The Peak, where the city's affluent live, offers a panorama of Hong Kong Harbour, Kowloon, the mountains of China and the islands of the South China Sea.’
    • ‘From the back of a jeep I gazed at the rolling landscape - a vast panorama dotted with fruit trees and the grass-roof huts of scattered settlements.’
    • ‘From the observation windows on the top you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Buenos Aires.’
    • ‘From the hilltop, a spectacular panorama of the surrounding countryside unfolds above the enchanting town.’
    • ‘From the 12 th floor of the Al-Rashid Hotel, the view is much like the panorama of any large metropolis.’
    • ‘I strongly recommend that you go there, either on foot or by car as the view from there gives a panorama of Canterbury mountains.’
    • ‘Naxos boasts one of the finest views in the Cyclades, the breathtaking panorama of the Potamia valley.’
    • ‘I live in a small town on a hill that overlooks Beirut, the view from my balcony a breathtaking panorama.’
    • ‘Here the view itself provided the catalyst as Ron created a living space offering a backdrop to the panorama, rather than the other way round.’
    • ‘The images spread over several walls, punctuated by windows offering a panorama of the actual Bund, the Huangpu River and the futuristic Pudong district beyond.’
    view, vista, wide view, aerial view, bird's-eye view, scenic view, prospect, perspective, outlook, aspect, scene, scenery, landscape, seascape
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    1. 1.1A picture or photograph containing a wide view.
      ‘A photographic panorama including a view in the same direction as that in Spencer's ‘Poundfield, Cookham’ has been submitted in evidence by the Society.’
      • ‘Not even the camera and its glass plate photography could compare with Holmes's panoramas drawn with such meticulous detail.’
      • ‘The circle and arrow overlaid on the entrance portion of the Trout Cave map below shows the approximate camera location and initial direction of view for the panorama.’
      • ‘After she processes the negative as a continuous strip, she selects and cuts the layered images into panoramas of three to five frames each.’
      • ‘The color panorama is a mosaic pulled together from 225 frames taken by Spirit's PanCam [panoramic camera], the stereovision color camera mounted atop its mast.’
      • ‘American artist Michael Ashkin also employs uninhabited panoramas in a series of photographs and videos that suggest what happens when heavy industry moves on.’
      • ‘I shall post several pictures of the Badlands later, along with some panoramas I need to stitch together in photoshop.’
      • ‘Colin Prior, a Scottish photographer, has taken his own panoramas of the Namib Desert in addition to other wild places, including Kenya, the Sahara Desert and Bungle Bungle in Australia.’
      • ‘Last week I mentioned the fact that panoramas can be carried out by any competent photographer with an absolute minimum of equipment - a ‘standard’ camera, a tripod and a spirit level.’
      • ‘As a panorama, the landscape resembles the photo collage in Mies' famous interior perspective of the Resor House.’
      • ‘For a panorama, however, choose the widest angle or turn the zoom to wide angle for best results.’
      • ‘Yesterday I met Don Bains, one of the web pioneers of this artform, and thereby discovered some really lovely sites displaying virtual panoramas from around the world.’
      • ‘The Jerusalem Archaeology Park on-line interface features a nifty interactive time-line and several virtual panoramas including the Temple and the city of David.’
      • ‘Those tempting images of beautiful panoramas and ways of life so different from our own are hard to resist.’
      • ‘In 1995 he added some panoramas of the campus to it - probably the very panoramas I checked out as a teenager.’
      • ‘Her landscapes range from sweeping panoramas in oils of mountains, lakes and towering coniferous trees to tropical beaches with bold greens and spirited blues.’
      • ‘The highest-selling lot was a composition pastel study for A Closer Grand Canyon, one of the Bradford-born artist's vast panoramas of the landscape, which he has visited regularly.’
      • ‘While immobile, Spirit has continued to carry out science work, including snapping a panorama of its surroundings with its color camera.’
      • ‘The rover promptly returned a color panorama that Squyres presented at the conference and deemed ‘the most spectacular image yet’ from the MER mission.’
      • ‘It is a 12 million-pixel panorama that took two full minutes to download on state-of-the-art equipment - and it was worth every long second.’
      view, vista, outlook, panorama, prospect, sight
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    2. 1.2A complete survey or presentation of a subject.
      ‘the galleries will offer a full panorama of 20th–century art’
      • ‘The final gallery in the museum is the largest, presenting a sweeping panorama of American art from about 1870 through 1910.’
      • ‘If one surveys the panorama of today's international left, Allende's legacy occasionally flashes and flourishes.’
      • ‘Also, attempts are being made to present a panorama from ‘Folk to Pop’ and music of all ages to enthral the audience.’
      • ‘The two books combine to present an endearing panorama of themes, a multitude of emotions, a stream of vivid characters, a novelscape of events that illuminate the world of readers.’
      • ‘Published in 1928, Rudolph Fisher's The Walls of Jericho presents a rich panorama of social classes in the late 1920s.’
      • ‘The present population is a panorama of social, cultural and ethnically distinct groups.’
      • ‘A broad panorama of nineteenth-century art can enhance our understanding of a nation in flux, which the builders of the museum's collection embraced from the outset.’
      • ‘At its best, it manages to create a panorama of art and cultural history, that elusive cross-disciplinary blend so much on the lips of academics but still so exceptional.’
      • ‘In this work he presented a descriptive and analytical panorama of the development of Prostantism in Cuba.’
      • ‘While the east set out with the IT-led boom, the north is on the threshold of big change with the international airport set to unveil a new chapter in the city's business and travel panorama.’
      • ‘Apart from offering an entertaining panorama of the many research achievements of evolutionary psychologists, it points the way to an exciting future for our field.’
      • ‘The book offers us the same panorama and, because we can reread the material and catch the ones we couldn't attend, it gives us almost as intimate exposure as being there in vivo.’
      • ‘In his fiction, such antinomies add fathomless ambiguity to relatively simple plot lines; they also enable him to experiment with himself, even in novels ostensibly offering social panoramas.’
      • ‘It takes place in November and besides the regular panorama of Greek films it offers an annual showcase for recent Balkan productions.’
      • ‘When this hermeneutic was applied consistently, the whole of Scripture became a vast panorama of interrelated events that pointed towards the final consummation of all things.’
      • ‘Instead we have a series of social or cultural panoramas, in which the author shifts the foregrounded matter in a well controlled rhythmic prose, flexible and sure.’
      • ‘Long, irregular phrases evoke a kind of story-telling, and the use of multiple violas creates a panorama of shifting perspectives.’
      • ‘Chubarov, in an Instructive and thoughtful book, presents the whole panorama of Russian history from the reforms of Peter the Great to the shock therapy of Egor Gaidar and Boris Yeltsin.’
      • ‘Instead we are offered a panorama of uniquely flawed relationships each imbued with enough personality to be poignant and credible.’
      • ‘This tribute to half a century in TV is a wonderful panorama.’
      overview, overall picture, survey, review, perspective, presentation, appraisal
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Late 18th century from pan-‘all’ + Greek horama ‘view’ (from horan ‘see’).