Meaning of papal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpeɪpl/

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  • Relating to a pope or to the papacy.

    ‘a papal visit’
    • ‘There the coffin will be definitively closed with red bands, sealed with both papal and Vatican seals.’
    • ‘Ruffo was a Calabrian who had served in the papal curia but had found more favour at the Neapolitan court.’
    • ‘Anglo-Saxon veneration of the papacy was strong and contributed to the growth of papal authority in the West.’
    • ‘Next to the ground was a papal cross, which commemorated a visit by the pontiff.’
    • ‘Many Castilian-trained musicians worked in the papal choir in Rome, and in the royal chapels of Spain and Italy.’
    • ‘Even more colourfully, a newly elected pope might choose an entirely new papal name.’
    • ‘Henry of Blois, now acting as papal legate, openly went over to the Empress's side and in the summer she was able to enter London.’
    • ‘Antonio Alati, bishop of Urbino, found himself papal legate in Scotland in 1437.’
    • ‘Events came to a head in 1208 when a papal legate was assassinated near Carcassonne.’
    • ‘Improvising hastily, the papal legate Guala is said to have crowned the new king with a chaplet of flowers.’
    • ‘He also sent two papal legates over to England to negotiate these reparations.’
    • ‘Other cardinals clad in their crimson robes came out to watch him after one of the fastest papal conclaves of the past century.’
    • ‘Venice, always in rivalry with the papal city, often presented itself as the new Rome.’
    • ‘The family business in Rome that makes all the papal vestments has several different sizes prepared.’
    • ‘In 1849, the new Roman government proclaimed the end of the old papal regime and the establishment of a republic.’
    • ‘A key struggle in any papal election is not over personalities or warring interpretations of the faith.’
    • ‘If this papal pilgrimage had a central theme, it was brotherhood and the fraternity of man.’
    • ‘The papal bull was taken to Paris and stored for safe keeping.’
    • ‘From the Colonna estates Caravaggio continued south to Naples, where he waited for a papal pardon.’
    • ‘The papal appeals to the Franks became even more pressing after Desiderius came to the Lombard throne in 756.’


Late Middle English from Old French, from medieval Latin papalis, from ecclesiastical Latin papa ‘bishop (of Rome)’.