Meaning of paper bag in English:

paper bag

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  • A small bag made of paper.

    ‘Consumers are being asked to take their own re-usable or alternatively us a paper bag or no bag at all.’
    • ‘Devin put the items in a paper bag, and then put the paper bag in a plastic bag.’
    • ‘I dumped the sandwich and drink into a paper bag and shoved the bag into my backpack.’
    • ‘To ripen pears at home, place the fruit, stems up, in a brown paper bag and close the bag.’
    • ‘To ripen a banana faster, it should be put in a brown paper bag with an apple or tomato overnight.’
    • ‘Last week, one lady visiting her hospitalized cousin hid flowers in a paper bag to sneak them into the ward.’
    • ‘You can go and get cod and chips to take away in a paper bag.’
    • ‘I got bored at work this afternoon so I put a brown paper bag over my head.’
    • ‘Buy them before you need them and ripen in the dark in a paper bag, or store them with a banana for a few days and they will be transformed.’
    • ‘If the potatoes are new, place them in a paper bag with a lump of butter and salt, and put in a casserole half filled with water.’
    • ‘I happily fill our green bucket with glass and tins, and the paper bag is always full by collection day.’
    • ‘Once upon a time mushrooms could be bought at the market, by weight, sifted into a large paper bag.’
    • ‘I gave him the cash and he handed it over to me, the small paper bag disguising the contents.’
    • ‘I pull a hot chicken carcass from a paper bag and place it decoratively on a plate.’
    • ‘The driver of the car came out of the bakery, talking on his mobile phone, and clutching a paper bag full of bun or sandwich.’
    • ‘With that, she stuffed a donut into a paper bag, grabbed her lunch bag and sped out of the house.’
    • ‘He placed his backpack on the floor and opened up the paper bag.’
    • ‘He had a confused look on his face, a brown paper bag in his lap and a half-eaten sandwich in his hand.’
    • ‘She crumpled up the paper bag and threw it towards the garbage, making a perfect basket.’
    • ‘He put the change in his pocket, carrying the brown paper bag full of groceries in both hands.’


    be unable to punch one's way out of a paper bag
    • Be completely ineffectual or inept.

      • ‘I couldn't punch my way out of a paper bag, but I'm a boxer at heart’
      • ‘he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag’
      • ‘There were comic books featuring ‘The Purple Martin’ who was unable to punch his way out of a paper bag but was a super hero otherwise.’
      • ‘For someone who Johnny Rotten described as 'unable to punch his way out of a paper bag',...his rocket to ruin was spectacularly in the limelight.’