Meaning of papyraceous in English:


Pronunciation /papɪˈreɪʃəs/


Medicine Biology
  • Thin or dry like paper; papery.

    ‘This papyraceous substance has taken the place of the epidermis.’
    • ‘The scapula is quite papyraceous in some places.’
    • ‘The pupa is enclosed in a papyraceous web.’
    • ‘The wasps usually build a papyraceous envelope or sac for the enclosure of their combs.’
    • ‘Like all the short bones, those of the tarsus are composed of a mass of spongy tissue surrounded by a thin and papyraceous layer of compact.’
    thin, paper-thin, gossamer-thin, ultra-thin, flimsy, delicate, insubstantial, fragile, frail, light, lightweight


Mid 18th century from papyrus + -aceous.